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Legion (CivRev)

Introduced in CivRev
Ground unit

A/D 2/1
Moves 1
Cost 10
Upgrades to Knight
Required technologies

Iron Working

Required resources


Other attributes


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The Legion is a ground unit in Civilization Revolution.

The Legion is the most cost-efficient unit throughout the entire Ancient Era. It can be upgraded from its humble predecessor, the Warrior. Though very similar to the Warrior, the Legion is more powerful and effective in battle and can stand up to several waves of Ancient Era attackers when formed into an Army. It's only when all of the civilizations enter the Medieval Era that the Legion will start to become less dominant in battles. As time goes on, other units such as Catapults and Knights may start winning battles against the Legion. This is when a change in tactics is needed.

Technical Costs[]

The Legion can be purchased fairly early on in the game - normally around the time when the Warrior unit is starting to feel a little too useless against cities. However, the Iron Working technology must be researched before the Legion can be built, so you will have to make good use of Warriors until then.

Attacking, Defending and Moving[]

The Legion can move along all flat ground like all other ground units. They can only move one tile per turn, just like their predecessor the Warrior. The Legion can also form Armies to maximize power and numbers.


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