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Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines are a resource in Civilization VI, exclusive to the Secret Societies Game Mode, introduced in the Ethiopia Pack. Only members of the Hermetic Order secret society can see them.

They give standard adjacency bonuses to all District (Civ6) Districts and grant bonus yields whenever a GreatPerson6 Great Person is earned.


Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines are one of the two major bonuses from the Hermetic Order besides the Alchemical Society. When revealed, they grant standard adjacency bonuses to all District (Civ6) Districts, so plan your District (Civ6) Districts around them for maximum benefit. When players reach the Industrial Era, Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines also grant bonus yields, so it will be beneficial to settle cities near them as much as possible. Notably, civilizations like Scotland and Brazil who have unique bonuses towards GreatPerson6 Great People can use Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines to even greater effect, as Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Line yields increase whenever one is earned.

Similar to Strategic Resources, where Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines can spawn is decided during the game setup, and is revealed to you when you join the Hermetic Order. They are coded to only spawn on open terrain (feature-less tiles).

Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines can spawn in any tiles without features or bonus resources, but they are reported to spawn much more often on Snow and Tundra tiles. This is especially beneficial for empires incentivized to settle on Tundra, such as Canada or Russia, although their bonuses usually encourage them to choose a different Secret Society. Alternatively, if you own the Amundsen-Scott Research Station, settling on Snow does not feel so bad anymore, since these new cities immediately benefit from the bustling yields of Ley Line (Civ6) Ley Lines and extra Civ6Production Production from the Wonder to get them on the feet very quickly. The reverse is also true- If you've built up your Ley Line yields to a great amount, they can very quickly get a Snow city on its feet and ready to build the Station.

Civilopedia entryEdit

It is a geometrical truth that between two points exist a straight line. This, plus a map of the English countryside, gave rise to the notion of ley lines crisscrossing England in the 19th and early 20th centuries. A British antiquarian, Alfred Watkins, proposed that dead-straight ancient highways linking sacred sites in the British countryside could be found if one looked hard enough. While his theory was dismissed by archaeologists, who noted that true ancient highways were often rambling, it was taken up again by New Age devotees in the 1960s. Instead of ancient highways, these “ley lines” that linked sacred sites were veins in which the Earth’s mystical energies flowed. Where lines crossed would be sites of great spiritual and chthonic power, places that, if harnessed, could unleash the potential in the landscape and in the individual. There was never any evidence for ley lines’ reality, either as an archaeological feature or as a mystical energy source, and the theory slowly died out as new trends in New Age and mystical belief took over.

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