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Library Info Card

Fan-made Card depicting the Library building from Civ5

Game InfoEdit

Basic science building of the Ancient Era.

  • Common traits:
    • +1 20xScience5 Science for every 2 20xPopulation5 Citizens in this City.
    • +1 20xGold5 Gold with Sovereignty Social policy


The Library increases the science output of the city, speeding up a civilization's acquisition of new technology. It is the first science building, so it's a must (all other buildings from the science chain require it), and its effect is greater the greater the population of the cities it's built in.

You need a Library in every city in order to unlock the National College.

Note that the Great Library wonder provides a free Library. If you plan on constructing this wonder in one of your cities, don't bother building a Library there!

Civilopedia entryEdit

A library is a building housing a collection of books, scrolls, and other written material. Historically, books have been fairly expensive, often beyond the reach of a civilization's poorer classes. The library allows the poor access to the same knowledge as the rich, greatly improving their chances of success and advancement.

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