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Game Info[]

Unique building of the Hittite civilization in the Wonders of the Ancient World scenario. Replaces the Walls.

  • +4 City Defense.
  • +2 Gold Gold.
  • Culture Culture and Gold Gold costs of acquiring new tiles reduced by 25% in this city.


The Lion's Gate is the Hittite unique building, replacing Walls. The Lion's Gate increases a city's Defense Strength, making the city more difficult to capture. In addition, the Lion's Gate increases the city's cultural border growth by 25% and provides +2 Gold Gold.

Civilopedia entry[]

Found in Hattusa, the capital city of the Hittite Empire, the Lion's Gate was a large arching entryway thought to have been constructed sometime around the 14th century BC. Each side of the gate features the likeness of a large stone lion, a creature of symbolic importance to the Hittite society that was commonly found on many of their structures and monuments.