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Advance Requires Leads to Allows Ends
Advanced Flight (Civ1) Advanced Flight Flight, Electricity Rocketry Bomber, Carrier
Alphabet (Civ1) Alphabet Code of Laws, Map Making, Mathematics, Writing
Astronomy (Civ1) Astronomy Mysticism, Mathematics Navigation, Theory of Gravity Copernicus' Observatory
Atomic Theory (Civ1) Atomic Theory Theory of Gravity, Physics Nuclear Fission
Automobile (Civ1) Automobile Combustion, Steel Mass Production Armor Copernicus' Observatory, Knight
Banking (Civ1) Banking Trade, Republic Industrialization, Corporation Bank
Bridge Building (Civ1) Bridge Building Iron Working, Construction Railroad Road on river squares
Bronze Working (Civ1) Bronze Working Currency, Iron Working Phalanx, Colossus
Ceremonial Burial (Civ1) Ceremonial Burial Monarchy, Mysticism Temple
Chemistry (Civ1) Chemistry University, Medicine Refining, Nuclear Power
Chivalry (Civ1) Chivalry Feudalism, Horseback Riding Knight Chariot
Code of Laws (Civ1) Code of Laws Alphabet Monarchy, Trade, Literacy, Republic Courthouse
Combustion (Civ1) Combustion Refining, Explosives Flight, Automobile Cruiser Ironclad, Barracks
Communism (Civ1) Communism Philosophy, Industrialization Labor Union United Nations Pyramids, Michelangelo's Chapel
Computers (Civ1) Computers Mathematics, Electronics Space Flight, Robotics SETI Program
Conscription (Civ1) Conscription Republic, Explosives Riflemen Legion, Musketeer
Construction (Civ1) Construction Masonry, Currency Engineering, Bridge Building Fortress, Aqueduct, Colosseum
Corporation (Civ1) Corporation Banking, Industrialization Mass Production, Genetic Engineering, Refining
Currency (Civ1) Currency Bronze Working Trade, Construction Marketplace
Democracy (technology) (Civ1) Democracy Philosophy, Literacy Recycling
Electricity (Civ1) Electricity Magnetism, Metallurgy Electronics, Advanced Flight Colossus
Electronics (Civ1) Electronics Electricity, Engineering Computers, Rocketry, Nuclear Power Hoover Dam, Hydro Plant Shakespeare's Theatre
Engineering (Civ1) Engineering The Wheel, Construction Electronics, Invention
Explosives (Civ1) Explosives Gunpowder, Chemistry Combustion, Conscription
Feudalism (Civ1) Feudalism Masonry, Monarchy Chivalry
Flight (Civ1) Flight Combustion, Physics Advanced Flight Fighter
Fusion Power (Civ1) Fusion Power Nuclear Power, Superconductor Future Tech
Future Tech Fusion Power More Future Tech
Genetic Engineering (Civ1) Genetic Engineering Medicine, Corporation Cure for Cancer
Gunpowder (Civ1) Gunpowder Invention, Iron Working Metallurgy, Explosives Musketeers Barracks, Militia, Phalanx, Great Wall
Horseback Riding (Civ1) Horseback Riding Chivalry Cavalry
Industrialization (Civ1) Industrialization Railroad, Banking Steel, Corporation, Communism Women's Suffrage, Transport, Factory Frigate
Invention (Civ1) Invention Engineering, Literacy Steam Engine, Gunpowder Hanging Gardens
Iron Working (Civ1) Iron Working Bronze Working Bridge Building, Gunpowder Legion
Labor Union (Civ1) Labor Union Mass Production, Communism Mech._Inf.
Literacy (Civ1) Literacy Writing, Code of Laws Democracy, Invention, Philosophy, Republic Great Library
Magnetism (Civ1) Magnetism Navigation, Physics Electricity Frigate Sail, Lighthouse
Map Making (Civ1) Map Making Alphabet Navigation Trireme, Lighthouse
Masonry (Civ1) Masonry Mathematics, Feudalism, Construction Great Wall, Pyramids, Palace, City Walls
Mass Production (Civ1) Mass Production Automobile, Corporation Nuclear Fission, Superconductor, Recycling, Labor Union Submarine, Mass Transit
Mathematics (Civ1) Mathematics Alphabet, Masonry Astronomy, Physics, University, Computers Catapult
Medicine (Civ1) Medicine Philosophy, Trade Chemistry, Genetic Engineering Shakespeare's Theatre
Metallurgy (Civ1) Metallurgy Gunpowder, University Steel, Electricity Cannon
Monarchy (Civ1) Monarchy Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws Feudalism
Mysticism (Civ1) Mysticism Ceremonial Burial Astronomy, Philosophy Oracle
Navigation (Civ1) Navigation Map Making, Astronomy Physics, Magnetism Magellan's Expedition, Sail Trireme
Nuclear Fission (Civ1) Nuclear Fission Mass Production, Atomic Theory Nuclear Power Manhattan Project Isaac Newton's College
Nuclear Power (Civ1) Nuclear Power Nuclear Fission, Electronics Fusion Power Nuclear Plant
Philosophy (Civ1) Philosophy Mysticism, Literacy Medicine, Democracy, University, Religion, Communism
Physics (Civ1) Physics Mathematics, Navigation Atomic Theory, Magnetism, Steam Engine, Flight
Plastics (Civ1) Plastics Refining, Space Flight Superconductor, Robotics SS Component
Pottery (Civ1) Pottery Granary, Hanging Gardens
RailRoad (Civ1) Railroad Steam Engine, Bridge Building Industrialization Darwin's Voyage, Railroad
Recycling (Civ1) Recycling Mass Production, Democracy Recycling Center
Refining (Civ1) Refining Chemistry, Corporation Combustion, Plastics Power Plant
Religion (Civ1) Religion Philosophy, Writing Cathedral, J.S. Bach's Cathedral, Michelangelo's Chapel Oracle
Republic (Civ1) Republic Code of Laws, Literacy Banking, Conscription
Robotics (Civ1) Robotics Plastics, Computers Artillery, Mfg. Plant, SS Module Cannon
Rocketry (Civ1) Rocketry Advanced Flight, Electronics Space Flight Nuclear unit (with Manhattan Project)
Space Flight (Civ1) Space Flight Computers, Rocketry Plastics Apollo Program, SS Structural
Steam Engine (Civ1) Steam Engine Physics, Invention Railroad Ironclad
Steel (Civ1) Steel Metallurgy, Industrialization Automobile Battleship
Superconductor (Civ1) Superconductor Plastics, Mass Production Fusion Power SDI Defense
Theory of Gravity (Civ1) Theory of Gravity Astronomy, University Atomic Theory Isaac Newton's College
Trade (Civ1) Trade Currency, Code of Laws Medicine, Banking Caravan
University (advance) (Civ1) University Mathematics, Philosophy Chemistry, Metallurgy, Theory of Gravity University Great Library
Wheel (Civ1) The Wheel Engineering Chariot
Writing (Civ1) Writing Alphabet Religion, Literacy Library, Diplomat