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The following is a list of boosts in Civilization VI and its expansions.


Eureka Eureka Eureka text Technology
Found a city on the Coast. Gaining a city on the Coast has given your civilization insight into navigating the waves. Sailing
Find a Natural Wonder. Discovering a natural wonder has inspired your people with the majesty of the universe. Astrology
Farm a resource. Farming a resource has given you an appreciation of the importance of irrigating your crops. Irrigation
Meet another civilization. After meeting another civilization you see the need for new ways to communicate. Writing
Kill a unit with a Slinger. After finally killing an enemy with a Slinger, you long for a stronger ranged weapon. Archery
Build a Quarry. Quarrying a resource has given you the raw materials you need to employ masons. Masonry
Kill 3 Barbarians. Your fights with Barbarians highlight the need for stronger weaponry. Bronze Working
Bronze Working
Mine a resource. Your mining operations have given you the ability to create an axle. Will the wheel follow? Wheel
Improve 2 Sea Resources. Your fishermen are learning how to guide their travels based on studying the night sky. Celestial Navigation
Celestial Navigation
Make a Trade Route Trade Route. Your Trade Route Trade Route directly exchanges goods, but a medium of exchange would make trade more flexible. Currency
Build a Pasture. With animals now domesticated into Pastures, it is time to learn to ride. Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding
Build an Iron Mine. Access to a steady source of Iron has enabled you to build better weapons and stronger armor. Iron Working
Iron Working
Own 2 Galleys. Constructing a squadron of Galleys has taught you much about building larger ships. Shipbuilding
Build 3 Different Specialty Districts. Your district planners have worked out the basics of geometry. Maybe a full mathematical system will follow soon? Mathematics
Build a Water Mill. Work on the Water Mill has taught your workers much about construction practices. Construction
Build Ancient Walls. Completing walls around your city demonstrated the principles of engineering needed for Aqueducts and Catapults. Engineering
Kill a unit with a Spearman. Your spearmen are proving effective, but now your opponents are stronger and faster. Perhaps a longer weapon is needed? Military Tactics
Military Tactics
Build a Classical Era or later Wonder. Now that you have finished a wonder of the classical world, what will your architects build next? Buttress
Buttress (GS-Only)
Build 3 Mines. With raw materials now coming in from a wide variety of mines, the need to better teach new craftsmen to use them is essential. Apprenticeship
Have the Feudalism civic. The feudal lords in your realm want a champion to defend their lands. Perhaps mounting an armored warrior will do the trick? Stirrups
Own 3 Archers. You look to machinery to improve the performance of your sizable contingent of ranged troops. Machinery
Earn a Great Scientist. The teachings from your Great Scientist have inspired a renewed interest in learning in your realm. Education
Build an Aqueduct Your military leaders carefully followed the progress on your aqueduct. They see new ways to use these engineering skills. Military Engineering
Military Engineering
Have a government with 6 policy slots.

GS-Only Adopt a government with 6 inherent policy slots.

Our new government’s defense minister suggests that we might want to build impressive defenses to protect our bustling capital. Castles
Build 2 Harbors. With so many ships leaving the harbors of your empire you long to document your explorations. Cartography
Build a Lumber Mill. Now that you have a ready supply of standardized boards, your shipping industry will soon take off. Mass Production
Mass Production
Have the Guilds civic. Your emerging guilds have plans that require a large influx of gold. Perhaps we can find a way to let them take out a loan? Banking
Build an Armory. Your men at the armory are fashioning a new weapon that will devastate opponents. Gunpowder
Build 2 Universities. Out of necessity your scholars are devising methods for quickly copying books. Printing
Kill a unit with a Musketman. The success of your Musketmen on land has spurred a new idea: what if we upgrade to gunpowder weaponry at sea? Square Rigging
Square Rigging
Build a University next to a Mountain. Your scientists are hiking into the mountains for a sharper view of the heavens. Maybe a permanent facility would help? Astronomy
Own 2 Crossbowmen. With so many crossbowmen in the field, we've had a lot of practice studying ranged weapons. Metal Casting
Metal Casting
Own 2 Trebuchets. After creating bombards you realize that castles are not impregnable – you need a stauncher defense! Siege Tactics
Siege Tactics
Build 3 Workshops.

GS-Only Build 2 Workshops.

The busy workshops of your empire hint at greatness to come. Is an Industrial Revolution about to commence? Industrialization
Have The Enlightenment civic. The dawning of an age of enlightenment in our realm has sparked a serious discourse on our scientific methods. Scientific Theory
Scientific Theory
Have 2 Forts in your territory. Your cities have been protected by multiple fortifications, what if they could be defended by cannons? Ballistics
Kill a unit with a Knight. Your valiant Knight has vanquished his foe. Let us learn from this victory and become students of military affairs. Military Science
Military Science
Build 2 Shipyards. Let us apply our industrial acumen to your newly-constructed shipyards. Steam-powered naval vessels could rule the seas. Steam Power
Steam Power
Build 2 Neighborhoods. With the introduction of neighborhoods, our cities are growing larger than ever before. Developing a sanitation plan is crucial. Sanitation
Build 2 Banks. The power of your banks is on the rise. It is time to formally study the forces that are shaping your national economy. Economics
Build a Niter Mine. With a source of niter, your firearms industry is switching into top gear. The next step will be to improve our accuracy. Rifling
Build an Industrial Era or later wonder. Having completed a modern wonder, our engineers are sure they can tackle anything. What, are they thinking of flying next? Flight
Own 3 Line Infantries. Your armament makers are tired of having to hand craft so many muskets. Perhaps some standardization would help? Replaceable Parts
Replaceable Parts
Build a Coal Mine and an Ironclad. Your coal-powered blast furnaces and test runs with an Ironclad should soon allow us to produce the finest-grade steel. Steel
Build 1 Coal Power Plant. Your nation is now powered. However your scientists are already hard at work on developing alternative energy sources. Refining
Refining (GS-Only)
Own 3 Privateers.

GS-Only Own 2 Privateers.

Your crafty privateers are intrigued by the discovery of electric current. Could they use this to create stealthy propulsion? Electricity
Build a National Park. Your new national park needs visitors. Perhaps a new form of communications will help advertise it? Radio
Complete a Research Agreement.

R&F-Only Have a level two Alliance.

Joining forces with other nations has started a chain reaction of scientific advances. Will the next push be in chemistry? Chemistry
Extract an Artifact Artifact. Your archaeologist has noticed petroleum seeping out of the rocks. Perhaps your geologists would like to take a look? Combustion
Build 3 Biplanes.

GS-Only Build 2 Biplanes.

Your extensive experience with biplanes has led to several aeronautic breakthroughs. Advanced Flight
Advanced Flight
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy. - Rocketry
Build 2 Power Plants.

GS-Only Build 1 Oil Power Plant.

Development of new power plants has spurred on industrial advances that could help your armament production. Advanced Ballistics
Advanced Ballistics
Build an Airstrip.

GS-Only Have 3 Armies or Armadas.

Now that your military has expanded could it be further enhanced with a new resource? Combined Arms
Combined Arms
Build an Oil Well. Having a source of petrochemicals should lead to many advances. Its plasticity is of particular interest. Plastics
Have a government with 8 policy slots.

GS-Only Adopt a government with 8 inherent policy slots.

A modern government comes with a lot of bureaucracy. Developing ways to efficiently track data will be a huge help. Computers
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy. - Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fission
Build 2 Aerodromes. With facilities for aircrafts in multiple cities, your aeronautic industry is taking off. Synthetic Materials
Synthetic Materials
Build 2 Broadcast Centers.

GS-Only Boost through Great Scientist or Spy.

With your pioneers in radio and television leading the way, you’ve grown adept at transmitting data quickly. Telecommunications
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy.

GS-Only Build 2 Broadcast Centers.

With your pioneers in radio and television leading the way, you’ve grown adept at transmitting data quickly. Satellites
Kill a Fighter. Your military has defeated an enemy plane. Now it is time to have the best defense against enemy aircraft. Guidance Systems
Guidance Systems
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy.

GS-Only Build 2 Drones.

With our Drones in the air, refining and focusing the light becomes increasingly important. Lasers
Own 3 Tanks. Tanks have been the backbone of your army so your scientists are striving for a more advanced model. Composites
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy. - Stealth Technology
Stealth Technology
Have the Globalization civic. Having a diverse set of metals to experiment on will help your scientists push into new fields. Robotics
Boost through Great Scientist or Spy.

GS-Only Build a Nuclear Power Plant.

We've split the atom apart, now let's smash them together! Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fusion
Build an Aluminum Mine. Having a diverse set of metals to experiment on will help your scientists push into new fields. Nanotechnology
Boost through Spy. - Advanced AI
Advanced AI
Boost through Spy. - Advanced Power Cells
Advanced Power Cells
Boost through Spy. - Cybernetics
Boost through Spy. - Offworld Mission
Offworld Mission
Boost through Spy. - Predictive Systems
Predictive Systems
Boost through Spy. - Seasteads
Boost through Spy. - Smart Materials
Smart Materials

Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Mining, and Future Tech cannot be boosted.


Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration text Civic
Improve 3 Tiles. With the land around our first city developing nicely, we can fine tune our production techniques. Craftsmanship
Discover a second Continent. Having discovered another continent we realize there is a wide world of trading opportunities. Foreign Trade
Foreign Trade
Clear a Barbarian Encampment. Your soldiers hope your victory over a Barbarian Outpost is the start of a long line of military successes. Military Tradition
Military Tradition
Build any district. Bringing our first district online has proven the value of conscripting workers for state projects. State Workforce
State Workforce
Grow your civilization to at least 6 Citizen Population. The growing number of citizens in your lands dream of having an empire. Early Empire
Early Empire
Found a Pantheon. Worship of your pantheon of gods has brought up further questions about spiritual forces in our world. Mysticism
Research the Construction technology. Your new skills in construction will surely help create venues for games and entertainment. Games and Recreation
Games and Recreation
Meet 3 City-States. Your contact with other states has crystallized your ideas on governing your own people. Political Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Build a Wonder. The glory of completing a wonder has energized your people. They are writing works to commemorate this great event. Drama and Poetry
Drama and Poetry
Build an Encampment. With an Encampment now in place, we can formalize our military training. Military Training
Military Training
Be the target of a Declaration of War. Faced with the threat of invasion, your people are ready to come up with innovative defenses. Defensive Tactics
Defensive Tactics
Build 2 Campus Districts. With plans to house many scrolls in the libraries of your campuses, your people begin to record the history of your empire. Recorded History
Recorded History
Found a Religion. The formation of a Religion by your Great Prophet inspires deeper thought on the nature of the divine. Theology
Kill a unit with a Quadrireme. Your victory at sea inspires your people to strive to become a naval power. Naval Tradition
Naval Tradition
Build 6 Farms. A system of lords and vassals is forming to manage all the farmlands of your empire. Feudalism
Grow a city to 10 Citizen Population. Your large urban center will soon require a corps of bureaucrats. Civil Service
Civil Service
Have 8 land combat units in your military. With such a large standing army, you may want to consider adding mercenaries if your army needs to expand further. Mercenaries
Maintain 4 Trade Route Trade Routes. The increase of commerce through your lands will soon attract a trade fair. Medieval Faires
Medieval Faires
Build 2 Markets. The success of your commercial districts has spurred the growth of trade guilds. Guilds
Build 2 Temples. Your devout people believe strongly that your rule is a blessing from the divine. Divine Right
Divine Right
Build 2 Caravels. The lessons you have learned from Caravel exploration have led to a new way of governing your people. Exploration
Earn a Great Artist. The inspiration provided by your newly-acquired Great Artist is awakening our people to the power of the individual. Humanism
Have an alliance with another civilization. The legwork to build an alliance has trained up your first corps of diplomats. Diplomatic Service
Diplomatic Service
Have 6 cities following your Religion. The growth of your Religion comes with the danger of schism. Reforming corrupt church practices better happen soon! Reformed Church
Reformed Church
Earn a Great Merchant. Your new Great Merchant is sharing ideas on how we can get the edge on our economic competitors. Mercantilism
Earn 3 Great People. The ideas from your great people have inspired intellectual discussion throughout the land. The Enlightenment
The Enlightenment
Research the Astronomy technology. Your new knowledge of the heavens is helping your navy navigate and establish a global empire. Colonialism
Build 7 different specialty Districts. Having constructed so many types of districts, your engineers have become skilled in city construction. Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Declare war using a Casus Belli. Your people believe in the just nature of this war. It has become an issue of national pride for us! Nationalism
Build an Art Museum. The unveiling of a new museum is drawing people to the arts. Perhaps dance and opera are next? Opera and Ballet
Opera and Ballet
Build an Archaeological Museum. With a museum now ready to hold your findings, it is time to see what you can discover out in the natural world. Natural History
Natural History
Grow a city to 15 Citizen Population. Your large city is getting overcrowded. It's time to start planning for some suburbs. Urbanization
Build 2 Field Cannons. Modern warfare is clearly a brutal affair. Your military doctrine is starting to reflect some of these principles of total war. Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth
Have a Neighborhood district with a Breathtaking Appeal. The residents of your breathtaking new neighborhood clamor for a plan to conserve all the world’s natural treasures. Conservation
Research Radio. The advent of radio beckons the start of a new era of communication. Mass Media
Mass Media
Have 3 Corps in your military. Your military is better organized. Now time to take your force to the world stage. Mobilization
Build 3 Stock Exchanges.

GS-Only Build 2 Stock Exchanges.

With stock exchanges springing up in several cities, investment capital is plentiful and a market economy is ready to emerge. Capitalism
Build a Research Lab. With a dedicated research lab in place, your initiative to recruit scientists into a nuclear research program can commence. Nuclear Program
Nuclear Program
Build 4 Sewers. The women of your empire have clamored for proper sanitation. Having won that battle, they now need the right to vote. Suffrage
Build 3 Military Academies. The discipline instilled by your military academies is now second nature to your citizens. Totalitarianism
Build 3 Factories. Your factory workers clamor for better working conditions. It is time for the workers of the world to unite! Class Struggle
Class Struggle
Have a Themed Museum. With a perfectly curated museum, your people's strong cultural heritage is on exhibit for all to see. Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage
Research Nuclear Fission. The advent of nuclear weaponry will surely change the nature of armed conflict across the globe. Cold War
Cold War
Build 4 Entertainment Complex Districts.

GS-Only Build 2 Entertainment Complex Districts.

Your 2 cities with Entertainment Complexes want to compete in a new professional sports league. Professional Sports
Professional Sports
Build an Aerodrome or Airstrip on a foreign continent. With air bases now spanning the globe, our military is ready to be deployed anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment
Build a Spaceport district. The unveiling of your new Spaceport has energized your people to push into space. Space Race
Space Race
Build 2 Solar Farms. Your people prove that solar power is more than an idea—it is potentially the future of power production. Environmentalism
Environmentalism GS-Only
Build 3 Airports.

GS-Only Build 2 Airports.

With so many airports in place, the world is truly becoming a smaller place. Globalization
Research Telecommunications. Your advances in communications technology are allowing people to congregate online. Social Media
Social Media
Adopt a Government with 8 inherent policy slots. Having adopted an advanced form of government, your people think of even further advances to civic life. Near Future Governance
Near Future Governance GS-Only
Build a Uranium Mine. Developing a critical defense resource leads to a new relationship between business and government. Venture Politics
Venture Politics GS-Only
Own a Rock Band. You finish signing the contract with the rock band. “Whatever,” they say, but you see how excited they are to start the tour. Distributed Sovereignty
Distributed Sovereignty GS-Only
Research Robotics. The elegant dance of robotic limbs under computer control inspires your engineers and scientists. Optimization Imperative
Optimization Imperative GS-Only

Code of Laws, Ideology, Information Warfare, Ideology, Global Warming Mitigation, Cultural Hegemony, Smart Power Doctrine, Exodus Imperative, and Future Civic cannot be boosted.

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.