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Building Requires Cost Maintenance Notes
Airport (Civ3).png Airport Flight 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Can airlift one unit per turn
Aqueduct (Civ3).png Aqueduct Construction 100 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Allows city growth beyond 6
Bank (Civ3).png Bank Banking 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Market

  • Tax revenue increased 50%
Barracks (Civ3).png Barracks None 40 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • City produces Veteran units
Cathedral (Civ3).png Cathedral Monotheism 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Temple

  • Produces 3 Content Face (Civ3).png
  • 3 Culture (Civ3).png
Civil Defense (Civ3).png Civil Defense Electronics 120 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Barracks

  • 50% defensive bonus to units in city
Coal Plant (Civ3).png Coal Plant Industrialization 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Factory

  • Increases production by 50%
Coastal Fortress (Civ3).png Coastal Fortress Metallurgy 40 Shield (Civ3).png None
  • Increases defense of city
Colosseum (Civ3).png Colosseum Construction 120 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Produces 2 Content Face (Civ3).png
  • 2 Culture (Civ3).png
Commercial Dock (Civ3).png Commercial Dock Mass Production 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Harbor

  • Each water square that produces 1 Gold (Civ3).png produces 1 more
Courthouse (Civ3).png Courthouse Code of Laws 80 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Decreases corruption
Factory (Civ3).png Factory Industrialization 240 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Increases production by 50%
Granary (Civ3).png Granary Pottery 60 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Only 50% of stored food used for growth
Harbor (Civ3).png Harbor Map Making 80 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • City produces veteran naval units
  • Coastal, sea, and ocean squares produce one extra food
Hospital (Civ3).png Hospital Sanitation 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Allows city growth beyond 12

Hydro Plant (Civ3).png Hydro Plant Electronics 240 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Factory

  • Increases production by 50%
Library (Civ3).png Library Literature 80 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Increases research by 50%
  • 3 Culture (Civ3).png
Manufacturing Plant (Civ3).png Manufacturing Plant Robotics 320 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Factory

  • Increases production by 50%
Marketplace (Civ3).png Marketplace Currency 100 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Increases tax revenue by 50%
Mass Transit System (Civ3).png Mass Transit System Ecology 200 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Reduces pollution from population
Nuclear Plant (Civ3).png Nuclear Plant Nuclear Power 240 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Factory

  • Increases production by 100%
Offshore Platform (Civ3).png Offshore Platform Miniaturization 240 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • All water squares produce 1 shield
Palace (Civ3).png Palace Masonry 100 Shield (Civ3).png None
  • Reduces corruption in capital
  • 1 Culture (Civ3).png
Police Station (Civ3).png Police Station Communism 160 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Reduces war weariness and corruption
Recycling Center (Civ3).png Recycling Center Recycling 200 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Reduces pollution from buildings
Research Lab (Civ3).png Research Lab Computers 200 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires University

  • Increases research by 50%
  • 2 Culture (Civ3).png
SAM Missile Battery (Civ3).png SAM Missile Battery Rocketry 80 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Defends city from air units
  • Air Defense: 8
Solar Plant (Civ3).png Solar Plant Ecology 320 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Factory

  • Increases production by 50%
SS Cockpit (Civ3).png SS Cockpit Space Flight 320 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Docking Bay (Civ3).png SS Docking Bay Space Flight 160 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Engine (Civ3).png SS Engine Space Flight 640 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Exterior Casing (Civ3).png SS Exterior Casing Synthetic Fibers 640 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Fuel Cells (Civ3).png SS Fuel Cells Space Flight 160 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Life Support System (Civ3).png SS Life Support System Superconductor 320 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Planetary Party Lounge (Civ3).png SS Planetary Party Lounge Laser 160 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Stasis Chamber (Civ3).png SS Stasis Chamber Synthetic Fibers 320 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Storage-Supply (Civ3).png SS Storage-Supply Synthetic Fibers 160 Shield (Civ3).png None
SS Thrusters (Civ3).png SS Thrusters Satellites 320 Shield (Civ3).png None
Stock Exchange (Civ3).png Stock Exchange Corporation 200 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Bank

  • Increases tax output by 50%
Temple (Civ3).png Temple Ceremonial Burial 60 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png
  • Produces 1 Content Face (Civ3).png
  • 2 Culture (Civ3).png
University (Civ3).png University Education 200 Shield (Civ3).png Gold (Civ3).png

Requires Library

  • Increases research by 50%
  • 4 Culture (Civ3).png
Walls (Civ3).png Walls Masonry 20 Shield (Civ3).png None
  • 50% defensive bonus to units in city
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