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| [[Granary (Civ5)|Granary]]
| [[Granary (Civ5)|Granary]]
| +2 {{Template:Food5}}<br />+1 {{Template:Food5}} from [[wheat]], [[banana]]s and [[deer]]
| +2 {{Template:Food5}}<br />+1 {{Template:Food5}} from [[Wheat (Civ5)|wheat]], [[Bananas (Civ5)|banana]] and [[Deer (Civ5)|deer]]

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This is the list of buildings in Civ5. The Gods and Kings expansion coming out in Spring 2012 will add 13 new buildings to the game.

Ancient era

Building Effect Notes
Barracks +15 experience for all units
Floating gardens +15% 20xFood5
+2 20xFood5 for each worked lake tile
  • Aztec civilization only, replacing watermill.
  • City must border fresh water.
Granary +2 20xFood5
+1 20xFood5 from wheat, banana and deer

+15 experience for all units
-25% 20xCulture5 cost of tiles and -25% when purchasing new tiles

Library +1 20xScience5 for every 2 20xPopulation5 in the city
Monument +2 20xCulture5
Paper maker

+1 20xScience5 for every 2 20xPopulation5 in the city

+2 20xScience5

Walls +4 20xStrength5
Walls of Babylon +6 20xStrength5
Water mill +2 20xFood5
+1 20xProduction5
  • City must border a river.

Classical era

Building Effect Notes
Armory +15 experience for all units
Burial tomb +2 20xCulture5
+2 20xHappiness5
  • Doubles gold given to enemy if city captured.
  • Egyptian civilization only, replacing temple.
  • Requires monument.
Circus +2 20xHappiness5
  • City must have horse or ivory nearby
Colosseum +2 20xHappiness5
Courthouse Reduces extra Unhappiness (Civ5) in occupied city
Lighthouse +1 20xFood5 from sea tiles
  • City must be coastal.
Mud pyramid mosque +4 20xCulture5

+1 20xProduction5 from sheep, cattle and horses.

+25% 20xProduction5 for mounted units

  • City must have a pasture nearby.
Temple +3 20xCulture5

Medieval era





+40% 20xFood5 is carried over after a new citizen is born

Bazaar +25% 20xGold5
+2 20xGold5
1 extra luxury resource from each improved luxury near the city
Castle +4 20xStrength5
Forge +15% 20xProduction5 for land units
+1 20xProduction5 for worked sources of iron
  • City must have an iron mine nearby.
Garden +25% great people generation
  • City must border a river or lake.
Harbor +25% 20xProduction5 of naval units
Forms a trade route across water
  • City must be built on a coast.
Longhouse +1 20xProduction5 from worked forest tiles
  • Iroquois civilization only, replaces the workshop.
Market +25% 20xGold5
+2 20xGold5
Mint Each worked gold and silver source of the city produces an extra +3 20xGold5
  • City must have a gold or silver mine nearby
Monastery +2 20xCulture5 from nearby incense and wine
  • City must have a source of incense or wine nearby
Mughal Fort +6 20xStrength5
+2 20xCulture5
Produces 20xGold5 after Flight is researched
University +33% 20xScience5
+2 20xScience5 from worked jungle tiles
Wat +33% 20xScience5
+3 20xCulture5
Workshop +10% 20xProduction5
+2 20xProduction5

Renaissance era

Building Effect Notes
Bank +25% 20xGold5
Military academy +15 experience for all land units
Museum +5 20xCulture5
Observatory +50% 20xScience5
Opera house +4 20xCulture5
Public school

+1 20xScience5 for every 2 20xPopulation5
+3 20xScience5

Satrap's court +25% 20xGold5
+2 20xGold5
+2 20xHappiness5
Seaport +1 20xProduction5 from sea resources
  • City must have at least one improved nearby sea resource
Theatre +3 20xHappiness5
Windmill +2 20xProduction5
  • City cannot be on hills

Industrial era

Building Effect Notes
Arsenal +6 20xStrength5
Broadcast Tower +33% 20xCulture5

+10% 20xProduction5
+4 20xProduction5

Hospital +5 20xFood5
Military Base +12 20xStrength5
Stock Exchange +33% 20xGold5

Modern era

Building Effect Notes
Hydro Plant +1 20xProduction5 for tiles bordering a river
  • Requires a river
  • Requires 1 20xAluminum5
Medical Lab +25% 20xFood5 is carried over after a new citizen is born (stacks with aqueduct)
Nuclear Plant +15% 20xProduction5
+5 20xProduction5
Research Lab

+50% 20xScience5
+4 20xScience5

Solar Plant +15% 20xProduction5
+5 20xProduction5
Spaceship Factory +50% 20xProduction5 for spaceship parts
Stadium +3 20xHappiness5
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