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The following is a list of buildings in Civilization VI and its expansions, sortable by district and era.

Building District Unlocked with Era
Palace Palace City Center Empire Capital Capital None
Monument Monument City Center None Ancient
Granary Granary City Center Pottery
Library Library Campus Writing
Shrine Shrine Holy Site Astrology
Ancient Walls Ancient Walls City Center Masonry
Barracks Barracks Encampment Bronze Working
Basilikoi Paides Basilikoi Paides[1]
Water Mill Water Mill City Center Wheel
Palgum Palgum[2]
Grove Grove[3] Preserve Mysticism
Amphitheater Amphitheater Theater Square Drama and Poetry Classical
Marae Marae GS-Only.png
Lighthouse Lighthouse Harbor Celestial Navigation
Stable Stable Encampment Horseback Riding
Ordu Ordu R&F-Only.png
Arena Arena Entertainment Complex Games and Recreation
Tlachtli Tlachtli
Market Market Commercial Hub Currency
Sukiennice Sukiennice[4]
Temple Temple Holy Site Theology
Prasat Prasat[5]
Stave Church Stave Church
Ancestral Hall Ancestral Hall R&F-Only.png Government Plaza R&F-Only.png Tier 1 Government
Audience Chamber Audience Chamber R&F-Only.png
Warlord's Throne Warlord's Throne R&F-Only.png
Cathedral Cathedral Holy Site Religious Belief None
Dar-e Mehr Dar-e Mehr
Gurdwara Gurdwara
Meeting House Meeting House
Mosque Mosque
Pagoda Pagoda
Stupa Stupa
Synagogue Synagogue
Wat Wat
Workshop Workshop Industrial Zone Apprenticeship Medieval
Armory Armory Encampment Military Engineering
Medieval Walls Medieval Walls City Center Castles
Consulate Consulate[6] Diplomatic Quarter Mathematics
University University Campus Education
Navigation School Navigation School[7]
Madrasa Madrasa
Theology Classical
Foreign Ministry Foreign Ministry R&F-Only.png Government Plaza R&F-Only.png Tier 2 Government Medieval/
Grand Master's Chapel Grand Master's Chapel R&F-Only.png
Intelligence Agency Intelligence Agency R&F-Only.png
Queen's Bibliotheque Queen's Bibliotheque GS-Only.png
Bank Bank Commercial Hub Banking Renaissance
Grand Bazaar Grand Bazaar GS-Only.png
Chancery Chancery[6] Diplomatic Quarter Diplomatic Service
Art Museum Art Museum Theater Square Humanism
Archaeological Museum Archaeological Museum
Shipyard Shipyard Harbor Mass Production
Renaissance Walls Renaissance Walls City Center Siege Tactics
Tsikhe Tsikhe R&F-Only.png
Factory Factory Industrial Zone Industrialization Industrial
Electronics Factory Electronics Factory
Coal Power Plant Coal Power Plant GS-Only.png
Military Academy Military Academy Encampment Military Science
Sewer Sewer City Center Sanitation
Stock Exchange Stock Exchange Commercial Hub Economics
Zoo Zoo Entertainment Complex Natural History
Thermal Bath Thermal Bath GS-Only.png
Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel R&F-Only.png Water Park R&F-Only.png
Aquarium Aquarium R&F-Only.png
Hangar Hangar Aerodrome Flight Modern
Seaport Seaport Harbor Electricity
Power Plant Power Plant (Vanilla and R&F-Only.png only) Industrial Zone
Oil Power Plant Oil Power Plant GS-Only.png
Broadcast Center Broadcast Center Theater Square Radio
Film Studio Film Studio
Research Lab Research Lab Campus Chemistry
National History Museum National History Museum R&F-Only.png Government Plaza R&F-Only.png Tier 3 Government
Royal Society Royal Society R&F-Only.png
War Department War Department R&F-Only.png
Food Market Food Market R&F-Only.png Neighborhood Replaceable Parts
Shopping Mall Shopping Mall R&F-Only.png Capitalism
Hydroelectric Dam Hydroelectric Dam GS-Only.png Dam Electricity
Sanctuary Sanctuary[3] Preserve Conservation
Airport Airport Aerodrome Advanced Flight Atomic
Stadium Stadium Entertainment Complex Professional Sports
Aquatics Center Aquatics Center R&F-Only.png Water Park R&F-Only.png
Flood Barrier Flood Barrier GS-Only.png City Center Computers
Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Power Plant GS-Only.png Industrial Zone Nuclear Fission

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.