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The following is a list of city improvements in Civilization II and its expansions.

City improvements[]

Building Cost Shield (Civ2) Upkeep Gold (currency) (Civ2) Prerequisite Effects
Airport (Civ2)
160 3 Radio City produces veteran air units. Damaged air units are repaired in one turn. Allows airlifting.
Aqueduct (Civ2)
80 2 Construction Required for a city to grow beyond size 8.
Bank (Civ2)
120 3 Banking Increase tax and luxury by a further 50%.
Barracks (Civ2)
40 1 None City produces veteran ground units. Damaged ground units staying one turn in city are fully repaired.
Capitalization (Civ2)
n/a n/a Corporation Not a city improvement, but shield production is converted directly into cash.
Cathedral (Civ2)
120 3 Monotheism Makes 3 unhappy citizens content.
City Walls (Civ2)
City Walls
80 0 Masonry Defence of units in city are tripled.
Coastal Fortress (Civ2)
Coastal Fortress
80 1 Metallurgy Doubles defence in city against attacks by ships.
Colosseum (Civ2)
100 4 Construction 3 unhappy citizens are made content.
Courthouse (Civ2)
80 1 Code of laws Decrease corruption by 50%. Makes a city more resistant to bribery.
Factory (Civ2)
200 4 Industrialization Increase production by 50%.
Granary (Civ2)
60 1 Pottery Halves the amount of food necessary to increase city size. Protects against famine.
Harbor (Civ2)
60 1 Seafaring Ocean squares produce one extra food.
Hydro Plant (Civ2)
Hydro Plant
240 4 Electronics Increases factory output by 50%. Reduces factory pollution by 1/2. Are safer than nuclear plants.
Library (Civ2)
80 1 Writing Increase science by 50%
Manufacturing Plant (Civ2)
Manufacturing Plant
320 6 Robotics Increase production by a further 50%.
Marketplace (Civ2)
80 1 Currency Increase tax and luxury by 50%
Mass Transit (Civ2)
Mass Transit
160 4 Mass Production Eliminates pollution caused by population of the city.
Nuclear Plant (Civ2)
Nuclear Plant
160 2 Nuclear Power Increases factory output by 50%. Reduces factory pollution by 1/2. Meltdown risk unless fusion power has been discovered.
Offshore Platform (Civ2)
Offshore Platform
160 3 Miniaturization Ocean squares produce one extra shield.
Palace (Civ2)
100 0 Masonry The city with this improvement becomes the capital.
Police Station (Civ2)
Police Station
60 2 Communism Reduces the number of unhappy citizens created by units away from the city by 1 per unit.
Port Facility (Civ2)
Port Facility
80 3 Amphibious Warfare City produces Veteran naval units. Naval units can be completely repaired in a single turn.
Power Plant (Civ2)
Power Plant
160 4 Refining Increases factory output by 50%.
Recycling Center (Civ2)
Recycling Center
200 2 Recycling Decreases pollution from production by 2/3.
Research Lab (Civ2)
Research Lab
160 3 Computers Increases science by a further 50%.
SAM Missile Battery (Civ2)
SAM Missile Battery
100 2 Rocketry Doubles defence in city against air units other than nukes.
SDI Defense (Civ2)
SDI Defense
200 4 Laser Protects the city and the surrounding squares from nuclear attack.
SS Component (Civ2)
SS Component
160 0 Plastics For every fuel component there is a thrust component which adds 25% to spaceship thrust.
SS Module (Civ2)
SS Module
320 0 Superconductor Can be population, life support or solar panel. Must be the same numbers of each.
SS Structural (Civ2)
SS Structural
80 0 Space Flight Forms the structure when building a spaceship.
Sewer System (Civ2)
Sewer System
120 2 Sanitation Required for a city to grow beyond size 12.
Solar Plant (Civ2)
Solar Plant
320 4 Environmentalism Increases factory output by 50%. Eliminates pollution caused by factory production. Slows down global warming.
Stock Exchange (Civ2)
Stock Exchange
160 4 Economics Increase tax and luxury output by a further 50%.
Superhighways (Civ2)
200 5 Automobile All squares with roads or railroads produce 50% extra trade. More revenue from trade routes.
Supermarket (Civ2)
80 3 Refrigeration Allows a city to use the extra food in farmland squares.
Temple (Civ2)
40 1 Ceremonial burial One unhappy citizen becomes content
University (city improvement) (Civ2)
160 3 University Increase science by a further 50%.
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