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This page lists the civics found in Civilization IV.

Government Civics[]

Civic Upkeep Technology required Effects
Despotism Despotism Low None Default option. No effects.
Hereditary Rule Hereditary Rule Low Monarchy +1 Happiness (Civ4).png in city per military unit stationed in the city
Representation Representation Medium Constitution +3 Beaker (Civ4).png per every specialist in cities

+3 Happiness (Civ4).png in the 4-6 biggest cities (depending on map size)

Police State Police State High Fascism +25% military unit production

-25% war weariness

Universal Suffrage Universal Suffrage Medium Democracy 1 Hammer (Civ4).png from towns

Can spend Coins (Civ4).png to hurry Hammer (Civ4).png

Note: If the Pyramids are built, all government civics are unlocked regardless of technological progress for the civilization that built them.

Legal Civics[]

Civic Upkeep Technology required Effects
Barbarism Barbarism Low None Default option. No effects.
Vassalage Vassalage High Feudalism +2 XP for every new military unit

Some additional free units

Bureaucracy Bureaucracy High Civil Service 50% Coin (Civ4).png in capital

+50 Hammer (Civ4).png in capital

Nationhood Nationhood None Nationalism +2 Happiness (Civ4).png in city with Barracks

Can draft citizens
+25% Espionage (Civ4).png in all cities (BtS)

Free Speech Free Speech Low Liberalism + 2 Coin (Civ4).png from every town

+100% Culture (Civ4).png in all cities

Labor Civics[]

Civic Upkeep Technology required Effects
Tribalism Tribalism Low None Default option. No effects.
Slavery Slavery Medium Bronze Working Can hurry production while sacrificing city population
Serfdom Serfdom Low Feudalism Workers build improvements 50% faster
Caste System Caste System Medium Code of Laws Unlimited number of artists/merchants/scientists

+1 Hammer (Civ4).png from workshop

Emancipation Emancipation Low Democracy Doubled speed of Cottages, Hamlets and Villages growth

Unhappiness in civilizations without emancipation

Economy Civics[]

Civic Upkeep Technology required Effects
Decentralization Decentralization Low None Default option. No effects.
Mercantilism Mercantilism Medium Banking +1 free Specialist in every city

No foreign trade routes except to vassals
Foreign corporations have no effect

Free Market Free Market Medium Economics 1 trade route in every city

-25% maintenance costs from corporations

State Property State Property Low Communism No maintenance costs from distance to palace

+1 Bread (Civ4).png from workshop and watermill
+10% Hammer (Civ4).png in all cities
All corporations have no effect

Environmentalism Environmentalism Medium Ecology +6 Health (Civ4).png in all cites

+2 Health (Civ4).png from Public Transportation
+1 Happiness (Civ4).png per every forest and jungle in the city reach
2 Coin (Civ4).png from Windmills and Forest Preserves
+25% maintenance costs from corporations

Religion Civics[]

Civic Upkeep Technology required Effects
Paganism Paganism Low None Default option. No effects.
Organized Religion Organized Religion High Monotheism 25% building production with State Religion

Can build Missionary without Monastery

Theocracy Theocracy Medium Theology +2 XP for every newly built military unit

No non-state religion spreads

Pacifism Pacifism None Philosophy 100% Great Person points (birth rate) in all cities

+1 Coins (Civ4).png support cost per military unit

Free Religion Free Religion Low Liberalism No state religion

+1 Happiness (Civ4).png per every religion in city
+10% research in all cities

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