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Civilization II added seven new nations to the fourteen found in Sid Meier's Civilization, with the same color-coding principle.

Like in "Civilization", no more than seven may exist at one time, and any destroyed early are reincarnated by another of the same color if available.

Civilization Team Color chart
Only one civilization per color, per game
WHITERomans Russians Celts
GREENBabylonians Zulus Japanese
BLUEGermans French Vikings
YELLOWEgyptians Aztecs Spanish
TEALAmericans Chinese Persians
ORANGEGreeks English Carthaginians
PURPLEIndians Mongols Sioux
REDBarbarians (NPC)*

While Barbarians do not act like regular NPCs in this game (they just attack and pillage), they can take over a city and produce units (but will not produce Settlers to expand).

Also, a close examination of the software reveals that the Arabs and Incas were originally meant to be playable civilizations in the game. One need only replace another available civilization's information with that of these "missing" ones in order to play them.

It is also possible to edit the game's data files in order to add a custom civilization. With a higher level of skill and some specialized computer programs, it's even possible to edit the leader portraits to create a custom tribe.

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