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The following is a comprehensive list of the historical figures in Civilization IV and its expansions. The list matches the order in which they appear in the game, which is roughly based on chronological order. The links point to Wikipedia.

Great Prophets[]

Great Artists[]

Great Scientists[]

Great Merchants[]

Great Engineers[]

Great Generals[]

The Great Generals are available in the Warlords and Beyond the Sword expansion packs.

Great Spies[]

The Great Spies are available only in the Beyond the Sword expansion pack. The last ten names on the list are taken from Beyond the Sword beta testers and not historical figures.[1]


The historians are not present as units, but every now and then they publish lists of civilizations ranked by their culture, power, wealth or some such.


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† Total conversion remake of the game Sid Meier's Colonization using Civilization IV engine