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Tile improvements are buildings or installations constructed in terrain outside of cities, generally by Workers. Each improvement changes the properties of the tile where it's built, usually adding potential such as tile yields to it. Improvements are unlocked via certain technologies.

Improvements built on certain strategic and luxury resources are required for an empire to access the resources' special properties.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

With the exception of Great Tile Improvements, most improvements can be built by a Worker (or a Work Boat at sea), given the appropriate technology and provided that the tile meets the requirements. Improvements remove forests and jungles unless otherwise specified (notably the Trading Post and Camp). Building with a Worker requires several turns, while the Work Boat finishes the improvement instantaneously.

Improvements are susceptible to pillaging by enemies, including Barbarians. When any improvement is pillaged, it will be inactive until repaired by a Worker (including Great Tile Improvements).

Improvement yields, which include both relevant increases depending on the resource as well as bonuses from appropriate technologies such as Fertilizer, will be added to the base terrain yield combined with increased yields from the resource itself (yields provided when worked by a city).

There are some improvements only available to certain civilizations. And finally, there are certain improvements that can only be built by using Great People. This article lists all improvements in Civilization V

Standard Improvements[edit | edit source]

These improvements can be built by a worker anywhere there is appropriate terrain. Some may also connect resources.

Tile improvements Built on Effect
Farm Farm Plains, Grassland, Desert
Hill and Tundra with fresh water
Bonuses: Wheat
+1 20xFood5.png
+1 20xFood5.png with Civil Service (fresh water)
+1 20xFood5.png with Fertilizer (non-fresh water)
Fort Fort Plains, Grassland, Hill, Desert, Tundra, Snow +50% Defense
Lumber mill Lumber mill Forest +1 20xProduction5.png
+1 20xProduction5.png with Scientific Theory
Does not remove Forest
Mine Mine Hill
Strategics: Iron, Coal, Aluminum, Uranium
Luxuries: Gold, Silver, Copper, Gems, Salt
+1 20xProduction5.png
+1 20xFood5.png on Salt Salt
+1 20xProduction5.png with Chemistry
+1 20xProduction5.png on 20xCoal5.png Coal, 20xAluminum5.png Aluminum, 20xUranium5.png Uranium
Trading post Trading post Plains, Grassland, Hill, Desert, Tundra +1 20xGold5.png
+1 20xGold5.png with Economics
+1 20xGold5.png with Commerce policy finisher
+1 20xScience5.png with Free Thought policy
Does not remove Forest or Jungle

Transportation Improvements[edit | edit source]

These improvements can be built on any passable land tile, including outside your own territory. They can be built alongside any other improvement, and do not remove forests or jungles.

Tile improvements Effect
Roads Roads -1 20xGold5.png upkeep per turn
x2 movement speed (x3 with Machinery)
+1.25 20xGold5.png per city population for a city connected to the Capital
Railroads Railroads -2 20xGold5.png upkeep per turn
x3 movement speed (minimum speed 10 hexes/turn)
+25% 20xProduction5.png bonus for a city connected to the Capital

Resource Improvements[edit | edit source]

These improvements can only be built on an appropriate resource. Both luxury and strategic resources will be connected. Mine excepted, these improvements are the only way to connect Luxuries.

Tile improvements Built on Effect
Camp Camp Bonuses: Deer, Bison
Luxuries: Furs, Truffles, Ivory
+1 20xGold5.png on Luxuries
+1 20xProduction5.png on Deer, Bison
+1 20xGold5.png with Economics
Does not remove Forest
Fishing boats Fishing boats Bonuses: Fish
Luxuries: Whales, Crabs, Pearls
+1 20xFood5.png on Fish, Whales, Crabs
+1 20xGold5.png on Pearls
+1 20xGold5.png with Compass
Offshore platform Offshore platform
Oil well Oil well
Strategics: Oil +3 20xProduction5.png
Pasture Pasture Bonuses: Sheep, Cattle
Strategics: Horses
+1 20xProduction5.png on Horses, Cattle
+1 20xFood5.png on Sheep
+1 20xFood5.png with Fertilizer
Plantation Plantation Bonuses: Bananas
Luxuries: Incense, Wine, Cotton, Dyes, Sugar, Spices, Silk, Citrus, Cocoa
+1 20xGold5.png on Luxuries
+2 20xFood5.png, -1 20xProduction5.png on Bananas (must remove Jungle)
+1 20xFood5.png with Fertilizer
Quarry Quarry Bonuses: Stone
Luxuries: Marble
+1 20xProduction5.png
+1 20xProduction5.png with Chemistry

Great Tile Improvements[edit | edit source]

These improvements are built by Great People, with the exception of the Landmark in Brave New World. All great tile improvements can be built on any passable land terrain type. With regards to resources, they will only connect any strategic resources on the tile. While they get additional bonus yield from technology, they do not get an increase from the type of strategic resource. They do not have any effect on luxuries nor bonus resources.

Great tile improvements Built by Effect
Academy Academy Great Scientist +8 20xScience5.png
+2 20xScience5.png with Scientific Theory
+2 20xScience5.png with Atomic Theory
Citadel Citadel Great General +100% Defense
Damages all enemy units that end their turn adjacent 33% of their Health
GodsKings5 clear.png Annexes all nearby tiles into your empire's territory when built (must be constructed on a tile in or bordering your own territory)
Customs house Customs house Great Merchant +4 20xGold5.png
+1 20xGold5.png with Economics
Holy site Holy site GodsKings5 clear.png Great Prophet +6 20xfaith5.png
+3 20xGold5.png with Theocracy
+3 20xCulture5.png with Piety finisher
Landmark Landmark Great Artist (vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png)
Archaeologist (BNW-only.png)
+6 20xCulture5.png (vanilla and GodsKings5 clear.png)
+1 20xCulture5.png for each Era of age of the Archaeological site (BNW-only.png)
Manufactory Manufactory Great Engineer +4 20xProduction5.png
+1 20xProduction5.png with Chemistry

GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.

BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.

Unique Tile Improvements[edit | edit source]

These improvements are only available to certain civilizations, but do not replace a generic one. Unique Improvements are not used to connect any resources (for example, a Brazilwood Camp may not be placed on Bananas).

Unique tile improvements Unique to Built on Effect
Brazilwood camp Brazilwood camp BNW-only.png Brazil Jungle Does not remove Jungle
+2 20xGold5.png
+2 20xCulture5.png with Acoustics
Chateau Chateau BNW-only.png France Next to a Luxury, but not next to another Chateau +1 20xGold5.png
+2 20xCulture5.png
+50% Defense
+2 20xGold5.png and +1 20xCulture5.png with Flight
Feitoria Feitoria BNW-only.png Portugal City-State coastal territory (No Resource on the tile) 1 copy of each of the City-State's Luxuries
+50% Defense
Pillaging counts as an act of war
Kasbah Kasbah BNW-only.png Morocco Desert +1 20xFood5.png
+1 20xProduction5.png
+1 20xGold5.png
+50% Defense
Moai Moai Polynesia Coastal territory +1 20xCulture5.png
+1 20xCulture5.png per adjacent Moai
+1 20xGold5.png with Flight
Polder Polder GodsKings5 clear.png Netherlands Marsh, Flood Plains +3 20xFood5.png
+1 20xProduction5.png and +2 20xGold5.png with Economics
Terrace farm Terrace farm Inca Hill +1 20xFood5.png
+1 20xFood5.png per adjacent Mountain
+1 20xFood5.png with Civil Service (on fresh water tiles)
+1 20xFood5.png with Fertilizer (on non-fresh water tiles)
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