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List of Orbital units in Civilization: Beyond Earth

Unit Requirements 20xProductionBE Resources Duration (turns) Radius Effect

All-Seer (CivBE)

All-Seer Dark Networks 200 420xPetroleumBE
30 1 Removes and prevents all Covert Agents and Intrigue from cities in range

Comm Relay (CivBE)

Comm Relay RT only Communications 100 - 60 5
Provides orbital coverage within a 5 tile radius

Deep Space Telescope (CivBE)

Deep Space Telescope Orbital Automation 200 220xPetroleumBE
60 2 Discovers The Signal, part of the Contact Victory

+25% 20xScienceBE for cities in range

Holomatrix (CivBE)

Holomatrix Civil Support 130 320xPetroleumBE
60 1 +2 20xCultureBE on tiles you own in range

-50% Intrigue increases on cities in range

Lasercom (CivBE)

Lasercom Satellite Orbital Networks 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 Contacts Old Earth, part of the Emancipation and Promised Land Victories

+15% 20xScienceBE for cities in range

Miasmic Condenser (CivBE)

Miasmic Condenser Alien Ecology 130 320xPetroleumBE
10 2 Generates Miasma, starting from the center

Miasmic Repulsor (CivBE)

Miasmic Repulsor Ecology 80 - 10 2 Clears Miasma, starting from the center

Orbital Fabricator (CivBE)

Orbital Fabricator Geoscaping 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 +1 20xProductionBE on tiles you own

Generates 1 to 2 new strategic resources ranging 1-4 in quantity[2]

Orbital Laser (CivBE)

Orbital Laser Cybernetics 130 220xPetroleumBE 60 3 Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 70)

Paean (CivBE)

Paean RT only Biology 130 - 30 1 Tiles provide +1 20xHealthBE Health when worked by a City but not past the City's local 20xHealthBE Health limit

Phasal Transporter (CivBE)

Phasal Transporter Cybernetics 130 220xPetroleumBE
30 1 Enables units to perform a one-way Phasal Transport from any friendly City to any affected tile

Planet Carver (CivBE)

Planet Carver Astrodynamics 200 420xPetroleumBE
30 2 Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 120)

Rocktopus (CivBE)

Rocktopus Designer Lifeforms
Harmony (CivBE) 9
280 320xXenomassBE
10 2 Can move between deployments

Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 60)

Solar Collector (CivBE)

Solar Collector Photosystems 80 - 60 1 +1 20xEnergyBE on tiles you own within range

+20% 20xEnergyBE for cities within range

Spy Satellite (CivBE)

Spy Satellite RT only Tactical Robotics 100 - 45 6
Provides visibility of all locations within a 6 tile radius, not counting invisible units

Station Sentinel (CivBE)

Station Sentinel RT only Ballistics 80 - 60 0 Doubles trade route yields from the station underneath it. Also doubles this station's defense, and prevents it from being abandoned.

Tacnet Hub (CivBE)

Tacnet Hub Communications 80 - 60 2 +20% 20xStrengthBE, +20% 20xRangedStrengthBE, and +5 HP heal for all friendly units in range

Weather Controller (CivBE)

Weather Controller Climate Control 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 +1 20xFoodBE on tiles you own

Generates 1 to 2 new Basic Resources[2]

Xeno Siren (CivBE)

Xeno Siren RT only Biochemistry 80 - 30 2 Attracts nearby alien units to the affected area


  1. The Comm relay only takes up 1 one tile in the orbital layer, but it effects 5 tiles out
  2. 2.0 2.1 On unimproved tiles across unit's lifespan. Territory ownership and miasma don't matter, tiles with strategic resources present won't be increased
  3. The Spy Satellite only uses up one tile in the orbital layer, but it can see 6 tiles out
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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