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This is a list of scenarios included in Civilization V and the official DLC, as well as some useful information about the scenarios.

Scenario name Historical background Length Map location
1066: Year of Viking Destiny Viking invasion and Norman conquest of England 70 turns Britain
American Civil War American Civil War 50 turns Eastern Theater of the American Civil War
Conquest of the New World European colonization of the Americas 150 turns Random (resembling the Americas and a miniaturized Western Europe)
Empires of the Smoky Skies Steampunk (a science fiction sub-genre) unbounded turns generated - player can choose map type
Fall of Rome Fall of the Western Roman Empire 70 turns Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Into the Renaissance Middle Ages 200 turns Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Paradise Found History of Polynesia before and during Captain Cook's voyages unbounded turns Polynesia
Rise of the Mongols Mongol invasions and conquests 100 turns Asia and Eastern Europe
Samurai Invasion of Korea Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98) 100 turns Northeast Asia
Scramble for Africa "Scramble for Africa" 100 turns Africa
Wonders of the Ancient World Ancient history unbounded turns The Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East
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