Civilization Wiki
Name Description
Agricultural Extra food produced from river squares and aqueducts are cheaper.
Commercial The center city squares of all cities and metros produce extra commerce, and less corruption is experienced.
Expansionist The civilization starts the game with a Scout and can build more later, and passive minor barbarians are friendlier.
Industrious Workers complete tasks faster and the center city square of all cities produces extra shields in cities and metros.
Militaristic It is easier to build military improvements (barracks, for example), and combat experience is gained more quickly.
Religious Religious civilizations do not experience periods of anarchy during revolutions, and religious city improvements (Temples, for instance) are easier to build.
Scientific Scientific city improvements (like research labs) are easier to build and the civilization receives a free Civilization Advance at the start of every era.
Seafaring Naval units get +1 movement, harbors are cheaper, extra commerce in coastal cities.

Building and Wonder Traits[]

Some buildings and wonders, have certain characteristics to them. For normal improvements, these characteristics mean the building will be built at half cost. Like Temples are half price for Religious civilizations, and Barracks are half price for Militaristic ones. Great Wonders also have characteristics but they are not built any cheaper or faster for them, these characteristics are used for Golden Age triggers.