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This is a list of all the technologies in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Unlike the Civilization games, technology branches off into different paths; there is no absolute way to choose what appears. There are also no eras to advance through.

SMAC tech tree poster

The tree tree is shown on a poster included with the original game.

Clicking on the name of the technology in the title will direct to a page containing additional information on the technology in question.

Adaptive DoctrineEdit

Adaptive EconomicsEdit

Advanced Ecological EngineeringEdit

Advanced Military AlgorithmsEdit

Advanced SpaceflightEdit

Advanced Subatomic TheoryEdit

Applied GravitonicsEdit

Applied PhysicsEdit

Applied RelativityEdit


Bioadaptive ResonanceEdit



Centauri EcologyEdit

Centauri EmpathyEdit

Centauri GeneticsEdit

Centauri MeditationEdit

Centauri PsiEdit

Controlled SingularityEdit


Digital SentienceEdit

Doctrine: Air PowerEdit

Doctrine: FlexibilityEdit

Doctrine: InitiativeEdit

Doctrine: LoyaltyEdit

Doctrine: MobilityEdit

Ecological EngineeringEdit

Environmental EconomicsEdit

Ethical CalculusEdit


Field ModulationEdit

Frictionless SurfacesEdit

Fusion PowerEdit

Gene SplicingEdit

Graviton TheoryEdit

High Energy ChemistryEdit

Homo SuperiorEdit

Industrial AutomationEdit

Easily one of the two or three most important technologies in the game. This technology allows you to build the Supply Crawler, a staple of virtually all advanced strategies, and additionally allows Wealth, which may be desirable, and the construction of Hab Complexes, which you'll need for bigger bases, and the Planetary Transit System, which is useful if you can spare the time and resources to grab it. On top of all that, you get more commerce. Getting this tech before anybody else does can easily swing the game in your favor even if you are otherwise behind in every other respect — but you must take full advantage of it.

Industrial BaseEdit

Industrial EconomicsEdit

Industrial NanoroboticsEdit

Information NetworksEdit

Intellectual IntegrityEdit

Matter CompressionEdit

Matter EditationEdit

Matter TransmissionEdit

Mind/Machine InterfaceEdit

Monopole MagnetsEdit

N-Space CompressionEdit



Neural GraftingEdit

Nonlinear MathematicsEdit

Optical ComputersEdit

Does not give any new abilities.

Orbital SpaceflightEdit

Organic SuperlubricantEdit

Photon/Wave MechanicsEdit

Planetary EconomicsEdit

Planetary NetworksEdit

Polymorphic SoftwareEdit

Pre-Sentient AlgorithmsEdit

Probability MechanicsEdit

Progenitor PsychEdit

Quantum MachineryEdit

Quantum PowerEdit

Retroviral EngineeringEdit

Secrets of Alpha CentauriEdit

Secrets of CreationEdit

Secrets of the Human BrainEdit

Secrets of the ManifoldsEdit

Self-Aware MachineEdit

Sentient EconometricsEdit

Sentient ResonanceEdit

Silksteel AlloysEdit

Singularity MechanicsEdit

Social PsychEdit

String ResonanceEdit

Super Tensile SolidsEdit


Superstring TheoryEdit

Synthetic Fossil FuelsEdit

Temporal MechanicsEdit

The Will to PowerEdit

Threshold of TranscendenceEdit

Transcendent ThoughtEdit

Transcendent Thought serves the same function as the 'Future Technology' techs in the Civilization series: Bonus Points at the end of the game for each 'level' of Transcendent Thought researched.

  • Track and Level: Discover 16

Unified Field TheoryEdit

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