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This page contains information related to Civilization: Beyond Earth's units.

Civilian Units Edit

Civilian units are unable to attack and are instantly captured if walked over by an enemy melee unit.

Unit 20xProductionBE Description

Colonist (CivBE)

Colonist 95
Settler unit. Forms Outposts which eventually form Cities on both land and sea.

Worker (CivBE)

Worker 70
Worker unit. Constructs all tile Improvements.

Trade Convoy (CivBE)

Trade Convoy[3] 70 Land-based trade unit. Used to establish trade routes between two terrestrial or coastal cities. In Rising Tide the unit can now embark and trade on the seas.

Trade Vessel (CivBE)

Trade Vessel[3] 85 Sea-based trade unit. Used to establish trade routes between two coastal and aquatic Cities. Removed in Rising Tide.

Earthling Settler (CivBE)

Earthling Settler - Part of the Promised Land victory

Ultrasonic Emitter (CivBE)

Ultrasonic Emitter - Support unit unlocked though Starships. Damages aliens in adjacent tiles. Does not trigger alien aggression.

Military UnitsEdit

  • Infantry units benefit from defensive terrain bonuses, whilst cavalry units do not.
  • Melee units can capture cities but suffer backlash from attacking, while ranged units can not but do not suffer backlash from attacking.
Unit[4] Affinity
Prerequisite Techs



Explorer (CivBE)

Explorer - Habitation[6] - Scout unit that conducts expeditions. May leash RT only aliens

Soldier (CivBE)

Soldier - Habitation[6] - Basic melee infantry unit

Ranger (CivBE)

Ranger - Physics - Basic ranged infantry unit

Combat Rover (CivBE)

Combat Rover - Engineering - Basic melee cavalry unit

Missile Rover (CivBE)

Missile Rover - Computing - Basic ranged cavalry unit that deals more damage to cities

Patrol Boat (CivBE)

Patrol Boat RT only - Habitation[6] - Basic melee naval unit

Gunboat (CivBE)

Gunboat - Computing - Basic ranged naval unit

Submarine (CivBE)

Submarine RT only - Computing - Stealth ranged naval unit

Carrier (CivBE)

Carrier - Fabrication - Aircraft base naval unit

Tacjet (CivBE)

Tacjet - Robotics - Air unit

Xeno Swarm (CivBE)

Xeno Swarm 4Harmony (CivBE) Alien Adaptation 120xXenomassBE Alien melee infantry unit

Xeno Cavalry (CivBE)

Xeno Cavalry 7Harmony (CivBE) Alien Domestication 220xXenomassBE Alien melee cavalry unit

Rocktopus (CivBE)

Rocktopus 9Harmony (CivBE) Designer Lifeforms 320xXenomassBE
Alien orbital unit

Xeno Titan (CivBE)

Xeno Titan 12Harmony (CivBE) Alien Evolution 520xXenomassBE
Very powerful melee unit with strong defense against ranged

Battlesuit (CivBE)

Battlesuit 4Purity (CivBE) Servomachinery 120xTitaniumBE Armored melee infantry unit

Aegis (CivBE)

Aegis 7Purity (CivBE) Surrogacy 120xTitaniumBE
Ranged combat-medic unit

LEV Tank (CivBE)

LEV Tank 9Purity (CivBE) Mobile LEV 420xFloatstoneBE Ranged hover unit

LEV Destroyer (CivBE)

LEV Destroyer 12Purity (CivBE) Tactical LEV 520xFloatstoneBE
Very powerful ranged hover unit that deals splash damage


CNDR 4Supremacy (CivBE) Tactical Robotics 120xFiraxiteBE Defensive melee robot unit


CARVR 7Supremacy (CivBE) Autogyros 220xFiraxiteBE Offensive melee robot unit


SABR 9Supremacy (CivBE) Synthetic Thought 420xFiraxiteBE Long ranged robot unit


ANGEL 12Supremacy (CivBE) Neural Uploading 520xFiraxiteBE Very powerful ranged robot unit that can cross canyons and coasts

Immortal (CivBE)

Immortal RT only 3Harmony (CivBE)
3Purity (CivBE)
Organics 120xXenomassBE Regenerative melee infantry unit

Architect (CivBE)

Architect RT only 4Harmony (CivBE)
4Purity (CivBE)
Alien Hybridization 120xXenomassBE
Ranged infantry unit that can assist or inhibit

Throne (CivBE)

Throne[9] RT only 5Harmony (CivBE)
5Purity (CivBE)
Human Idealism 220xXenomassBE
Ranged hover unit that can assist or inhibit

Drone Cage (CivBE)

Drone Cage RT only 3Purity (CivBE)
3Supremacy (CivBE)
Autonomous Systems 120xFiraxiteBE Melee combat-medic unit

Autosled (CivBE)

Autosled RT only 4Purity (CivBE)
4Supremacy (CivBE)
Bionics 120xFiraxiteBE
Melee hover unit

Golem (CivBE)

Golem[9] RT only 5Purity (CivBE)
5Supremacy (CivBE)
Bioengineering 220xFiraxiteBE
Very powerful melee unit

Nanohive (CivBE)

Nanohive RT only 3Supremacy (CivBE)
3Harmony (CivBE)
Collaborative Thought 120xTitaniumBE Stealth unit that deals damage to two tiles of its radius

Geliopod (CivBE)

Geliopod RT only 4Supremacy (CivBE)
4Harmony (CivBE)
Transgenics 120xXenomassBE
Land based stealth unit

Aquilon (CivBE)

Aquilon[9] RT only 5Supremacy (CivBE)
5Harmony (CivBE)
Biometallurgy 220xTitaniumBE
Ranged hover unit with aircraft base

Orbital unitsEdit

Main article: Orbitals (CivBE)
Unit Requirements 20xProductionBE Resources Duration (turns) Radius Effect

All-Seer (CivBE)

All-Seer Dark Networks 200 420xPetroleumBE
30 1 Removes and prevents all Covert Agents and Intrigue from cities in range

Comm Relay (CivBE)

Comm Relay RT only Communications 100 - 60 5
Provides orbital coverage within a 5 tile radius

Deep Space Telescope (CivBE)

Deep Space Telescope Orbital Automation 200 220xPetroleumBE
60 2 Discovers The Signal, part of the Contact Victory

+25% 20xScienceBE for cities in range

Holomatrix (CivBE)

Holomatrix Civil Support 130 320xPetroleumBE
60 1 +2 20xCultureBE on tiles you own in range

-50% Intrigue increases on cities in range

Lasercom (CivBE)

Lasercom Satellite Orbital Networks 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 Contacts Old Earth, part of the Emancipation and Promised Land Victories

+15% 20xScienceBE for cities in range

Miasmic Condenser (CivBE)

Miasmic Condenser Alien Ecology 130 320xPetroleumBE
10 2 Generates Miasma, starting from the center

Miasmic Repulsor (CivBE)

Miasmic Repulsor Ecology 80 - 10 2 Clears Miasma, starting from the center

Orbital Fabricator (CivBE)

Orbital Fabricator Geoscaping 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 +1 20xProductionBE on tiles you own

Generates 1 to 2 new strategic resources ranging 1-4 in quantity[11]

Orbital Laser (CivBE)

Orbital Laser Cybernetics 130 220xPetroleumBE 60 3 Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 70)

Paean (CivBE)

Paean RT only Biology 130 - 30 1 Tiles provide +1 20xHealthBE Health when worked by a City but not past the City's local 20xHealthBE Health limit

Phasal Transporter (CivBE)

Phasal Transporter Cybernetics 130 220xPetroleumBE
30 1 Enables units to perform a one-way Phasal Transport from any friendly City to any affected tile

Planet Carver (CivBE)

Planet Carver Astrodynamics 200 420xPetroleumBE
30 2 Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 120)

Rocktopus (CivBE)

Rocktopus Designer Lifeforms
Harmony (CivBE) 9
280 320xXenomassBE
10 2 Can move between deployments

Attacks units within range (20xRangedStrengthBE 60)

Solar Collector (CivBE)

Solar Collector Photosystems 80 - 60 1 +1 20xEnergyBE on tiles you own within range

+20% 20xEnergyBE for cities within range

Spy Satellite (CivBE)

Spy Satellite RT only Tactical Robotics 100 - 45 6
Provides visibility of all locations within a 6 tile radius, not counting invisible units

Station Sentinel (CivBE)

Station Sentinel RT only Ballistics 80 - 60 0 Doubles trade route yields from the station underneath it. Also doubles this station's defense, and prevents it from being abandoned.

Tacnet Hub (CivBE)

Tacnet Hub Communications 80 - 60 2 +20% 20xStrengthBE, +20% 20xRangedStrengthBE, and +5 HP heal for all friendly units in range

Weather Controller (CivBE)

Weather Controller Climate Control 130 220xPetroleumBE
60 1 +1 20xFoodBE on tiles you own

Generates 1 to 2 new Basic Resources[11]

Xeno Siren (CivBE)

Xeno Siren RT only Biochemistry 80 - 30 2 Attracts nearby alien units to the affected area

Alien unitsEdit

Main article: Aliens (CivBE)
Alien Moves (CivBE) 20xStrengthBE Attack Range 20xRangedStrengthBE Notes

Wolf Beetle (CivBE)

Wolf Beetle 2 10 0 0 Swarm organism that constantly defends alien hives by patrolling around them closely. Carpets landscape in mass swarms when Alien aggression is ignited.

Raptor Bug (CivBE)

Raptor Bug 3 16 0 0 Fastest known land alien species, with greater strength compared to a swarm of Wolf Beetle. Appears only when the aliens feel threatened.

Siege Worm (CivBE)

Siege Worm 1 62 0 0 Migrates between several destinations, destroying any infrastructure or units in the lands they pass through, extremely effective against cities. Does not become actively aggressive or specifically move through or towards human construction until the aliens are particularly pressed.

Drone (CivBE)

Drones 3 10 0 0 Only known Alien unit capable of flight. Has similar abilities to the Wolf Beetle but does not benefit from terrain bonuses.

Manticore (CivBE)

Manticore 1 4 2 10 Chemical spewing "artillery" of the Alien Hive. Commonly found stationed within the hives themselves to attack targets that close in. Appears in greater numbers if Alien aggression is continued after the first Wolf Beetle swarms.

Sea Dragon (CivBE)

Sea Dragon 2 16 0 0 The oceanic relative of the Raptor Bug. Much more voracious in the fact that it regards all naval vessels as possible prey.

Kraken (CivBE)

Kraken 2 56 0 0 Aquatic relative of the Siege Worm, behaves similarly in all fashions. Will form "pods" similar to Earth-based cetaceans, making them deadly to take on even at the highest combat levels.

Hydracoral (CivBE)

Hydracoral RT only 0 32
0 0 A combination of terrain and alien presence. Does not move or attack, but has ability to spread hydrocorals on adjacent fields. Occurs in different stages of growth. Dangerous in melee, but vulnerable to distant attacks.

Makara (CivBE)

Makara RT only 2 28 0 0 An amphibious alien, capable of crossing both land and sea. It is slow and pillages any improvements it walks on.

Ripper (CivBE)


RT only

3 8 0 0 Most commonly found water alien. Appears in large groups, patrolling oceans. Althought not very dangerous, attacking and killing it may enrage all aliens on a planet.

Scarab (CivBE)

Scarab RT only 2 6 0 0 Weak, land organisms, similar to wolf beetles.


  1. The Colonization Corps Trade Agreement increases the cost of colonists, but allows for new cities to skip the outpost phase.
  2. The Engineering Corps Trade Agreement decreases the cost of workers to 1. The Gene Vault wonder provides all new cities a free worker unit.
  3. 3.0 3.1 After the first patch of Rising Tide, the Trade Vessel unit was removed. Instead the Trade Convoy can embark allowing floating cities to trade with landlocked cities.
  4. Unit naming conventions in this table are the same as Civilopedia. Only the original name is used. Upgrades will change the name of the unit, the cost and the unit stats.
  5. Affinity costs mentioned in the this table are for Tier 1 units only
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Unit is available at the beginning of the game because the technology Habitation is already researched for all players at the start of the game.
  7. Tier 2 Evolved Xenotitans require 720xXenomassBE
  8. Tier 2 LEV Destroyers require 720xFloatstoneBE
  9. 9.0 9.1 9.2 The Supremacy-Purity Golem, Harmony-Supremacy Aquilon, and Purity-Harmony Throne are considered Hybrid Ultimate units for the purposes of the Best of Both Worlds achievement.
  10. The Comm relay only takes up 1 one tile in the orbital layer, but it effects 5 tiles out
  11. 11.0 11.1 On unimproved tiles across unit's lifespan. Territory ownership and miasma don't matter, tiles with strategic resources present won't be increased
  12. The Spy Satellite only uses up one tile in the orbital layer, but it can see 6 tiles out
  13. There are three levels of hydracoral. Level 1, has a strength of 10, level 2, 18, and level 3, 32.
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.

External linksEdit

  • See Well of souls for a complete list of all units, their images, and their statistics.
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