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Discworld Wonders (CTP2)

This is the list of Discworld Wonders for CTP2.

World At War Wonders (CTP2)

This is the wonders viewing screen from the World At War mod from CTP2.

Wonders in Call to Power II are symbols of national honor. The more wonders your civilization has built or taken control of, the more Victory Points you will have accumulated at the end of the game. Each wonder you control is worth 500 Victory Points.

List of wonders[]

Name Civilization Cost (production points)
The Agency Anyone 8600
The Appian Way Roman and Italian 2160
Aristotle's Lyceum Greek 3240
Central Matter Decompiler Anyone 20000
Chichen Itza Mayan and Mexican 2160
Data Haven Anyone 12400
East India Company Dutch 4320
The Eden Project Anyone 20000
Egalitarian Act Anyone 20000
Emancipation Act American 5760
Empire State Building American 7200
Field Dynamics Anyone 15200
Forbidden City Chinese 2160
Galileo's Telescope Italian 4320
Genome Project Anyone 15200
GlobeSat Anyone 12400
Great Wall Chinese 2160
Gutenberg's Bible German 3240
Hagia Sophia Roman, Byzantine and Turkish 3240
Hollywood American 8600
Zero Crime Bill Anyone 8600
Internet Anyone 8600
London Exchange English or British 7200
Nanite Defuser Anyone 15200
National Shield Anyone 20000
Penicillin American 7200
Pyramids Egyptian[1] 2160
Ramayana Indian[2] 2160
The Solaris Project Anyone 25000
World Peace Center Anyone 15200
Scythian Peace Accord (custom wonder) Byzantine, Ottoman and Turk[3] 2160

Notes on wonder nationality[]

  1. Frequently conquered
  2. Civil war lasting thousands of years
  3. Replaces China's Great Wall because China is not part of the European classical age. This wonder is located in what is now Istanbul province of Turkey. In the other version of the classical age mod it's named Scythian defenses.