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|data-sort-value="Colossus"|[[File:Colossus (Civ2).png|link=Colossus (Civ2)]] <br/>[[Colossus (Civ2)|Colossus]]
|data-sort-value="Colossus"|[[File:Colossus (Civ2).png|link=Colossus (Civ2)]] <br/>[[Colossus (Civ2)|Colossus]]
|[[Bronze Working (Civ2)|Bronze Working]]
|[[Bronze Working (Civ2)|Bronze Working]]
|Gives extra trade {{Trade2}} in for trade producing tiles around owner city.
|Gives extra trade {{Trade2}} in trade producing tiles in that city.
|[[Flight (Civ2)|Flight]]
|[[Flight (Civ2)|Flight]]

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Wonders in Civilization II are divided into groups according to epoch.

Wonders of The Ancient World

Wonder Prereq Effects Obsolete Notes
Pyramids (Civ2)
Masonry Puts a granary all owner's cities
Hanging Gardens (Civ2)
Hanging Gardens
Pottery Makes the people in owner cities happier Railroad
Colossus (Civ2)
Bronze Working Gives extra trade Trade (Civ2) in trade producing tiles in that city. Flight
Lighthouse (Civ2)
Map Making Keeps owner ships from getting lost at sea Magnetism Only triremes get lost, and this is only for human players
Great Library (Civ2)
Great Library
Literacy Gives the owner scientific advances that two other kingdoms have Electricity The player who discovers philosophy also gets a free advance
Oracle (Civ2)
Mysticism It increases the happiness factor in all cities with a temple Theology
Great Wall (Civ2)
Great Wall
Masonry Doubles owner defense from Barbarians and forces other kingdoms to offer peace over war within reason Metallurgy

Wonders of The Renaissance

Wonder Prereq Effects Obsolete Notes
Sun Tzu&#039;s War Academy (Civ2)
Sun Tzu's War Academy
Feudalism It turns new units into veterans which can withstand battles longer Existing units become veterans upon their first fight Mobile Warfare
King Richard&#039;s Crusade (Civ2)
King Richard's Crusade
Engineering Give an extra resource Shield (Civ2)shield on every exploited tile in that city Industrialization
Marco Polo&#039;s Embassy (Civ2)
Marco Polo's Embassy
Trade Gives owner an embassy with every nation Communism
Michelangelo&#039;s Chapel (Civ2)
Michelangelo's Chapel
Monotheism Installs a cathedral in all cites You should sell your existing cathedrals unless you fear you might lose the wonder
Copernicus&#039; Observatory (Civ2)
Copernicus' Observatory
Astronomy Increases that city's Beaker (Civ2)science output by 50%
Magellan&#039;s Expedition (Civ2)
Magellan's Expedition
Navigation Gives owner ships 2 extra movement points
Shakespeare&#039;s Theatre (Civ2)
Shakespeare's Theatre
Medicine Creates happy citizens

Wonders of The Industrial World

Wonder Prereq Effects Obsolete Notes
Leonardo&#039;s Workshop (Civ2)
Leonardo's Workshop
Invention Automatically upgrades obsolete units Automobile
J.S. Bach&#039;s Cathedral (Civ2)
J.S. Bach's Cathedral
Theology Decreases unhappy citizens (up to 2 per city) on the same continent
Isaac Newton&#039;s College (Civ2)
Isaac Newton's College
Theory of Gravity Doubles that city's Beaker (Civ2)science output If you already have Copernicus' Observatory in that city, you are already up 50%, but add this to the city and you are at 150% capacity for scientific research.
Adam Smith&#039;s Trading Co. (Civ2)
Adam Smith's Trading Co.
Economics Pays for the maintenance of improvements in all cities that formerly cost 1 gold per turn Pays the maintenance costs of buildings that cost 1 Gold (currency) (Civ2)gold: Temples, libraries, harbors, granaries, marketplaces, barracks, coastal fortress, courthouse
Darwin&#039;s Voyage (Civ2)
Darwin's Voyage
Railroad Gives owner 2 free advances
Statue of Liberty (Civ2)
Statue of Liberty
Democracy Eliminates periods of unrest between government change and allows owner to choose any government even if owner hasn't discovered it yet
Eiffel Tower (Civ2)
Eiffel Tower
Steam Engine Creates a favorable image with other kingdoms and they will forget past mistakes. This is your only chance to have a spotless reputation if you have had a less than perfect one in the past.

Wonders of the Modern World

Wonder Prereq Effects Obsolete Notes
Women&#039;s Suffrage (Civ2)
Women's Suffrage
Industrialization Puts a police station in all cities thus decreasing unhappiness in cities by 1 when troops are away
Hoover Dam (Civ2)
Hoover Dam
Electronics Gives all cities a hydro plant
Manhattan Project (Civ2)
Manhattan Project
Nuclear Fission Allows any civilization with the technology to start building nuclear weapons
United Nations (Civ2)
United Nations
Communism Gives owner an embassy in all nations and will force enemies to offer peace treaties with owner, within reason
Apollo Program (Civ2)
Apollo Program
Space Flight Allows all nations with the technology to build spaceships, and reveals entire map to all players
SETI Program (Civ2)
SETI Program
Computers Counts as a research lab in every city
Cure for Cancer (Civ2)
Cure for Cancer
Genetic Engineering Creates one happy citizen in all cities. In demographics it will boost owner lifespan to number one.

Wonders of the World and gameplay

All Wonders of the World have their own prerequisite technology in order to be able to construct them (e.g. Map Making for the Lighthouse, Bronze Working for the Colossus, and Pottery for the Hanging Gardens). Certain technologies also cause the expiration of a particular Wonder's benefits (e.g. Magnetism, Flight and Railroad for the three Wonders mentioned above, respectively). Most Wonders have technologies that make them expire, but there are some that never expire.

Wonders of the World can be categorized into those that affect happiness, cities and buildings, units and movement, technology, diplomacy and finally economics. Wonders can also be city-specific, continent-specific, or civilization-specific. City-specific Wonders only affect the city in which it was built (such as the Colossus, which grants an extra Trade (Civ2)trade arrow in utilized squares of that city's radius). Continent-specific wonders only affect cities on the same continent in which it was built (such as J. S. Bach's Cathedral and Hoover Dam). Civilization-specific Wonders affect the entire empire that controls it (such as the Hanging Gardens, which grants +1 happiness in all cities of the same civilization).

When a civilization-specific Wonder does not expire, its effects can dramatically affect gameplay. For example, building (or capturing) Michelangelo's Chapel immediately puts a Cathedral in every city of the controlling civilization, greatly promoting happiness. Of course, this makes the cities that contain those Wonders all the more crucial to defend, since losing the city to conquest causes the benefits of that Wonder to be lost (and switch over to the capturing player if the city survives). Accordingly, certain Wonders have a 'must' status in certain types of games or for certain types of players. For example, the Pyramids (+50% retention of Food (Civ2)food surplus after city growth), Michelangelo's Chapel (Cathedral in every city), J.S. Bach's Cathedral (free additional temple) and Leonardo's Workshop (automatic unit upgrades - until the development of the Automobile) are valuable for expanding empires and/or gameplay at the more difficult levels. Additionally, warmongering empires will also seek to build the Great Wall and Sun Tzu's War Academy.

Alternatively, one can temporarily cripple a rival civilization by causing their Wonder of the World to expire, such as when any player learns Metallurgy causing the Great Wall to expire (and the free city-walls in each of the controlling player's cities suddenly disappear).

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