In addition to Buildings, Civilization IV also contains Wonders, which are unique structures that have high production costs, but provide additional gold, culture, or other potent benefits when completed.

While National Wonders are restricted to one per civilization, Great/World Wonders are restricted to one per game. In addition, there are also Projects, which have effects similar to Wonders.

Wonders[edit | edit source]

Great Wonders[edit | edit source]

Great (or World) Wonders can only be built one per game.

Ancient[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
StonehengeStonehenge Stonehenge Mysticism
OracleOracle Oracle Priesthood
PyramidsPyramids Pyramids Masonry
Temple of ArtemisTemple of Artemis Temple of Artemis Polytheism
Great WallGreat Wall Great Wall Masonry
Great LighthouseGreat Lighthouse Great Lighthouse Sailing, Masonry, Lighthouse, coastal Coast (Civ4).png cities

Classical[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
Chichen ItzaChichen Itza Chichen Itza Code of Laws
ColossusColossus Colossus Metal Casting, Forge
Great LibraryGreat Library Great Library Literature, Library
Hanging GardensHanging Gardens Hanging Gardens Mathematics, Aqueduct
Mausoleum of MaussollosMausoleum of Maussollos Mausoleum of Maussollos Calendar
ParthenonParthenon Parthenon Aesthetics, Polytheism
Shwedagon PayaShwedagon Paya Shwedagon Paya Aesthetics, Meditation
Statue of ZeusStatue of Zeus Statue of Zeus Aesthetics, Monument

Medieval[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
Angkor WatAngkor Wat Angkor Wat Philosophy
Apostolic PalaceApostolic Palace Apostolic Palace Theology, state religion present in city
  • 4 Culture (Civ4).png
  • 2 Great Prophet GreatPerson4.png
  • Allows Apostolic Palace elections
  • Guarantees eligibility for voting
  • +2 Hammer (Civ4).png for every religious building of AP religion Religion4.png
Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia Hagia Sophia Theology
Notre DameNotre Dame Notre Dame Engineering
Sistine ChapelSistine Chapel Sistine Chapel Music
Spiral MinaretSpiral Minaret Spiral Minaret Divine Right
University of SankoreUniversity of Sankore University of Sankore Paper
VersaillesVersailles Versailles Divine Right

Renaissance[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty Statue of Liberty Democracy
Taj MahalTaj Mahal Taj Mahal Nationalism

Industrial[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
KremlinKremlin Kremlin Communism
PentagonPentagon Pentagon Assembly Line

Modern[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
BroadwayBroadway Broadway Electricity
Cristo RedentorCristo Redentor Cristo Redentor Radio
Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower Eiffel Tower Radio, Forge
HollywoodHollywood Hollywood Mass Media
Rock 'n' RollRock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Radio
Three Gorges DamThree Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam Plastics, riverside River (Civ4).png city
United NationsUnited Nations United Nations Mass Media
Space ElevatorSpace Elevator Space Elevator Satellites, Robotics

In addition to these, the Religious Shrines could also be counted as Great Wonders.

National Wonders[edit | edit source]

National Wonders can be built one per civilization.

Ancient[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
PalacePalace Palace 6 cities
  • 2 Culture (Civ4).png
  • Makes this city your capital CapitalGold4.png
  • Reduces maintenance CommerceRed4.png in nearby cities
  • +1 Happiness (Civ4).png Happiness
  • +4 Espionage (Civ4).png Espionage
  • +8 Coin (Civ4).png Commerce
Moai StatuesMoai Statues Moai Statues Sailing, one coastal city

Classical[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
Forbidden PalaceForbidden Palace Forbidden Palace 6 Courthouses, 8 cities
  • 4 Culture (Civ4).png
  • 1 Great Spy GreatPerson4.png
  • Reduces maintenance CommerceRed4.png in nearby cities
Globe TheatreGlobe Theatre Globe Theatre Drama, 6 Theaters
Heroic EpicHeroic Epic Heroic Epic Literature, Barracks
  • 4 Culture (Civ4).png
  • 1 Great Artist GreatPerson4.png
  • +100% military unit production in this city
National EpicNational Epic National Epic Literature, Library

Renaissance[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
HermitageHermitage Hermitage Nationalism
IronworksIronworks Ironworks Steel, 6 Forges
Oxford UniversityOxford University Oxford University Education, 6 Universities
Wall StreetWall Street Wall Street Corporation (technology), 6 Banks
West PointWest Point West Point Military Tradition, 1 level-six unit
  • 1 Great Spy GreatPerson4.png
  • New military units in this city receive +4 experience points

Industrial[edit | edit source]

Building Requirements Effects
IronworksIronworks Ironworks Steel, 6 Forges
Mt. RushmoreMt. Rushmore Mt. Rushmore Fascism
National ParkNational Park National Park Biology
Red CrossRed Cross Red Cross Medicine, 6 Hospitals

Shrines[edit | edit source]

Main article: Religious shrine (Civ4)

All shrines require a Great Prophet plus their respective religion and have the following effects:

  • +1 Coins (Civ4).png per city with the religion
  • Spreads the religion
  • Can turn 3 citizens into Priests

Shrines are the ultimate building of their religion. They can be built alongside Cathedrals, Monasteries and Temples.

Religion Shrine
Buddhism (Civ4).png Buddhism MahabodhiMahabodhi Mahabodhi
Christianity (Civ4).png Christianity Church of the NativityChurch of the Nativity Church of the Nativity
Confucianism (Civ4).png Confucianism Kong MiaoKong Miao Kong Miao
Hinduism (Civ4).png Hinduism Kashi VishwanathKashi Vishwanath Kashi Vishwanath
Islam (Civ4).png Islam Masjid Al-HaramMasjid Al-Haram Masjid Al-Haram
Judaism (Civ4).png Judaism Temple of SolomonTemple of Solomon Temple of Solomon
Taoism (Civ4).png Taoism Dai MiaoDai Miao Dai Miao

Projects[edit | edit source]

Projects adhere to the same construction rules as Wonders except that they cannot be hurried.

All Projects are unlocked by modern-era technologies, with the exception of the Manhattan Project, which is unlocked by Fission, an industrial-era technology.

World Projects[edit | edit source]

Just like World Wonders, they can only be built once per game.

Project Requirements Effects
Manhattan Project Manhattan Project Fission
The Internet The Internet Computers
  • Grants all technologies held by at least 2 known civilizations

National Projects[edit | edit source]

Just like National Wonders, these can only be built one per civilization.

Project Requirements Effects
SDI SDI Laser, Manhattan Project
  • 75% chance of intercepting nukes.
Apollo Program Apollo Program Rocketry
  • Enables Spaceship parts (if you have their required techonologies)

Spaceship parts[edit | edit source]

After the Apollo Program is completed, each Spaceship (SS) part will be unlocked by one modern technology.

Part Technology Number required
SS Casing SS Casing Composites 1-5
SS Cockpit SS Cockpit Fiber Optics 1
SS Docking Bay SS Docking Bay Satellites 1
SS Engine SS Engine Fission 1-2
SS Life Support SS Life Support Ecology 1
SS Stasis Chamber SS Stasis Chamber Genetics 1
SS Thrusters SS Thrusters Superconductors 1-5
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