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This is a list of wonders in Civilization Revolution. There are 21 different wonders in the game that each provide unique and significant bonuses. While many of the various wonders have appeared in previous Civilization games, some are completely new.

Ancient Wonders[]

Wonder Cost Prerequisite Obsolete by Effect
Colossus of Rhodes 100 Bronze Working Invention Doubles Trade production in the city
Great Library of Alexandria 150 Writing University Receive any technologies that at least two other civilizations discovered
Great Pyramid 150 Ceremonial Burial Monarchy Access to all forms of government
Great Wall 150 Masonry Engineering Forces all civilizations to make peace with the owner
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 100 Pottery --- Increases population of the city by 50%
Oracle of Delphi 125 Alphabet Religion Find out the result of battle before the actual battle takes place
Stonehenge 50 --- Literacy Temple's effect increased by 50%

Medieval Wonders[]

Wonder Cost Prerequisite Obsolete by Effect
East India Company 200 Navigation Flight +1 trade in all sea squares (civilization-wide)
Himeji Samurai Castle 150 Monarchy Communism +1 Attack strength to all units
Leonardo's Workshop 200 Invention --- Upgrade all units to current best in their lineage
Magna Carta 150 Democracy --- Courthouses produce culture (along with their usual benefits)
Oxford University 150 University --- Acquire an advanced technology
Shakespeare's Theatre 150 Literacy Mass Media Doubles the culture production in the city
Trade Fair of Troyes 250 Currency Globalization Doubles the gold production in the city

Modern Wonders[]

Modern wonders do not become obsolete.

Wonder Cost Prerequisite Effect
Apollo Program 750 Space Flight Access to all technologies you did not yet research
Hollywood 600 Mass Media Enemy walls no longer prevent city conversion
The Internet 750 Networking Gold production in all cities doubled
Manhattan Project 750 Atomic Theory Obtain the only ICBM in the game
Military-Industrial Complex 500 Corporation Reduces the cost of all units
United Nations 500 20 Cultural Events Cultural Victory
World Bank 500 20,000 Gold Economic Victory