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Literary Tradition is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

This Wildcard Policy is the only possible way to boost Great Writer acquisition, and is available quite early in the game. Civ6Culture Culture-oriented players, especially those aiming for Cultural Victory, should consider making it a (more or less) permanent part of their government. GreatWorkWriting6 Great Works of Writing are universally useful, and may be slotted in the earliest Theater Square building - the Amphitheater - so it is all pretty straightforward.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Every linguistic group has developed a literary tradition; in part, it is what distinguishes one civilization from another – the passing down of stories which give meaning to human experience. Early literary traditions were oral (such as the tales of Homer), but once writing progressed beyond daubing pictographs on walls, the various literary forms were immortalized, and no longer had to be memorized to be passed on. In ancient China, its oral poetry was collected in works such as the Shijing and Songs of Chu. And the Western literary traditions were largely set by the early Greek and Roman authors, and by the Bible.

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