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Sister Miriam Godwinson
Sister Miriam Godwinson (SMAC).jpg
Leader of the Believers
Name Miriam Godwinson
Rank Lt. Commander
Position Psych Chaplain
Country of Origin Christian States of America
DOB 04-04-2014
Height 168.6 cm
Weight 55.2 kg

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The Lord's Believers are a faction in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Led by Sister Miriam Godwinson, this faction believes in dominionism.

Faction characteristics[]

  • +2 Support (Citizens eager to defend faith)
  • +1 Probe (Devout believers difficult to brainwash)
  • -2 Research (Suspicious of secular science)
  • -1 Planet (Believe Planet is their promised land)
  • Aggression Aggressive
  • Priorities Explore, Conquer
  • Starting Tech Social Psych
  • Agendas Fundamentalist (Politics)
  • Aversion Knowledge (Values)
  • Special bonuses When attacking, units gain a +25% attack bonus
  • Accumulates no research points until MY 2110.

Although Miriam is not herself restricted from using the Democratic politics choice, an AI-controlled Miriam will take offense at a player's choice of such.

Leader's defining quote[]

The righteous need not cower before the drumbeat of human progress. Though the song of yesterday fades into the challenge of tomorrow, God still watches and judges us. Evil lurks in the datalinks as it lurked in the streets of yesteryear. But it was never the streets that were evil.

-- Sister Miriam Godwinson, "The Blessed Struggle"


  • The Blessed Struggle
  • We Must Dissent
  • The Collected Sermons
  • But for the Grace of God

List of bases[]


  1. New Jerusalem
  2. Great Conclave
  3. Great Zion
  4. Far Jericho
  5. Redemption Base
  6. Children of God
  7. Noah’s Rainbow
  8. The Voice of God
  9. Judgement Seat
  10. Valley of the Faithful
  11. Blessed Redeemer
  12. The Glory of God
  13. New Eden
  14. Terrible Swift Sword
  15. Time of Salvation
  16. Eternal Reward
  17. The Lord’s Mercy
  18. Righteous Sentence
  19. Throne of God
  20. The Rapture
  21. The Lord’s Wrath
  22. The Lord’s Grace
  23. The Hand of God
  24. The Coming of the Lord
  25. Sanctity Base
  26. The Lord’s Chosen
  27. Hallowed Ground
  28. The Lord’s Gift
  29. Divinity Base
  30. The Word of God
  31. Revelation Base
  32. The Holy Fire
  33. The Lord’s Truth
  34. Blessed Saviour
  35. From On High
  36. Godwinson’s Hope
  37. House of Martyrs


  1. He Walked on Water
  2. Loaves and Fishes
  3. Belly of the Whale
  4. Fisher of Men
  5. Port Grace
  6. Water to Wine
  7. Consecrated Waters


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