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Northern Gondor is a custom civilization in Civilization V. They are part of the Lord of the Rings scenario.


Northern Gondor: Although no longer the dominant force in western Middle-earth, the nation of Northern Gondor still controls a large domain extending north from the White Mountains, east from Rohan, west from the land of Mordor, and south of the Falls of Rauros. The blood of the Dunedain runs rich here and the leaders of Northern Gondor are well-seasoned veterans of numerous foreign conflicts. Led by the Ruling Steward Ecthelion II, their armies are well-provisioned and supplied and have hope to reach their former proportions. Many strong cities and fortified towns are scattered across their realm and several navies help maintain Gondorian interests along the Anduin and a route to the sea. The source of greatest concern for Northern Gondor is not their own might, but rather the extensive realm they must protect and the many enemies that reside on their borders.

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