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Luxury (Civ2).pngLuxuries come from trade and entertainers that modify the attitude of a city. Every two luxury units will make one content citizen happy until there are no further content citizens to make happy then one unhappy citizen will be made content instead.

The ways to increase luxuries is:

The first two strategies are enhanced by increasing Trade (Civ2).pngtrade.

Civilopedia entry[]

The provision of Luxuries for your citizens is indicated by the diamond icons in the Resource Box of the City Display. Each two Luxuries makes one content citizen happy, or one unhappy citizen content. The amount of Luxuries a city produces is mainly determined by the percentage of Trade you have allocated to Luxuries. This can be adjusted using the "Change Tax Rate" command on the Kingdom menu. A city's Luxuries can also be increased by building certain City Improvements and Wonders of the World, and by converting citizens into Entertainers.

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