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Game InfoEdit

Powerful ranged unit of the Modern Era. Upgrades from the Gatling Gun.

  • Common abilities:
    • May Not Melee Attack


The Machine Gun is the next-level ranged weapon of modern warfare, with design improvements over the earlier Gatling Gun which allow it to launch heavier bullets at a greater speed. The result is double the strength of the earlier weapon, but still with a one-hex range only. Put Machine Guns in your cities for defense, or use them on the front lines in strategic positions for additional firepower.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Machine gun crews make use of powerful, fully-automatic firearms capable of laying down heavy suppression fire, typically at a rate of several hundred rounds per minute. The Gatling gun, predecessor to many modern machine gun designs, was first developed during the 19th century in the United States. This concept later evolved into the Maxim gun, the first of many self-powered machine guns.

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