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The Machine Gun is an Atomic Era ranged unit in Civilization VI. It upgrades from the Field Cannon (or its replacements).

  • Attributes:
    • Has a Civ6Range Range of 2.
    • -17 Civ6RangedStrength Ranged Strength against District (Civ6) District defenses and Naval units.


The Machine Gun meets its contemporary enemies with a rain of bullets that can mow down practically anything except Mechanized Infantry, Modern Armor, and Giant Death Robots. Even Helicopters, which have Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength slightly higher than a Machine Gun's Civ6RangedStrength Ranged Strength, will feel the sting of its attacks, especially when they get shot at least once before moving into melee range.

Note that unlike Civilization V the Machine Gun's defensive abilities are still worse than its offensive strength; this makes it riskier to put it on the front line than in the previous game!

Civilopedia entry

Since the days of the arquebus innovative gunsmiths had sought for a rapid-fire firearm that required little training or skill to use. Stoper’s revolving arquebus in 1597 Nuremberg, the “Puckle Gun” in 1718 in London, Belton’s multi-shot flintlock in 1777 all had their proponents; but it was left to Richard Jordan Gatling to perfect an infantry weapon with controlled rapid fire, automatic loading, portability, speedy reloading of ammunition canisters, and operated by a simple hand-crank. The Gatling gun was immensely popular among military types of all nations, and it laid the foundation for the development of the machinegun, which stalemated WW1 and dominated WW2 infantry combat. In time, the weight was reduced without loss of rate of fire, machineguns becoming submachineguns (such as the Thompson so beloved of Prohibition-era gangsters) capable of being fired from the hip.


  • The Machine Gun unit is modelled after World War II period US soldiers. However, they are armed with the MG 42, a World War II German machine gun.
  • Interestingly, when a player uses German trained Machine Gun units, they wear World War II German M35 helmets and feldgrau uniforms, like all other German trained Infantry and AT Crews.


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