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Lular H'minee
Lular Hminee (SMAC).jpg
Commander of the Caretakers
Name Lular H'minee (translation)
Rank Conservator
Position Thrall Commander, warship
Country of Origin Core Systems, Ursa Prime
DOB Unknown
Height 225.6 cm
Weight 118 kg

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The Manifold Caretakers are a faction in Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire. Lular H'minee is the faction's leader.

Faction characteristics[]

  • +25% Defensive combat: {Can sense and manipulate "Resonance" fields}
  • +1 PLANET: {Understand workings of Planet, the Sixth Manifold}
  • Free RECYCLING TANKS at every base
  • "Energy Grid" at each base: {Increased infrastructure generates additional energy}
  • Make Planetfall with a Mk I Battle Ogre and extra Colony Pod
  • All prototyped combat units have 2-square sighting radius ("Resonance" sensitivity)
  • Can direct research efforts (rediscovering technology & infrastructure)
  • Possess a physical scan of Planet's surface
  • Aggression Aggressive
  • Priorities Planned (Economics)
  • Starting Tech Progenitor Psych, Centauri Ecology, Field Modulation, Information Networks, Biogenetics
  • Agenda Prevent Transcendence
  • Aversion none
  • If an AI starts with either alien faction or the Cult of Planet, they won't appear on the map until years/turns after everyone else. If a player plays as the Cult or one of the two alien factions, then the starting year is pushed farther ahead, but no one has anything built yet, no head start. This is because the aliens arrived later, and Cha Dawn was born after the arrival of the Unity ship.
  • Automatically in a state of vendetta with the Usurpers. Cannot make peace between them.

Leader's defining quote[]

"Tau Ceti Flowering: Horrors visited upon neighboring systems must never be repeated. Therefore: if it means the end of our evolution as a species, so be it."

-- Caretaker Lular H'minee, "Sacrifice : Life"


Lular H'minee was the commander of the Caretaker scout ship in battle with its Usurper counterpart above Chiron shortly before their near-fatal collision. After barely escaping death in an escape pod that crash lands on Planet, H'minee is shocked to learn that not only are Humans inhabiting the planet and that fungal colonies are growing in response to their presence, but that their hated rivals, the Manifold Usurpers, also survived the battle. Although explicitly stated to be female, H'minee's true sex remains open to interpretation, as both gender and gender roles are a very fluid concept in Progenitor culture.


Not much is known about Lular H'minee's personality. However, it is known that she, like the many followers of the Caretaker ideology, holds life to be sacred and is fiercely opposed to the exploitation of Planet's latent powers even if it means the extinction of her own race. This is further evidenced by accusations from her Human critics of planning to wipe out their entire race, perhaps demonstrating that she is not above enacting genocide to fulfill her agenda. Like her rival, Judaa Marr, H'minee sees Humanity as an inferior race, useful only if they share her anti-Usurper agenda. Detractors of the Caretakers accuse her of being "reactionary" and spreading her "alarmist singsong", implying that she is a very paranoid, panicky individual. Also like Marr, H'minee is remarkably cruel towards her rival, as contacting him (and vice-versa) will have [Judaa Marr] threatening to "pull out [H'minee's] mandibles with hot pincers."


  • Sacrifice: Life
  • Resonance: Power
  • Secret: Space

List of bases[]


  1. Decision : Manifold
  2. Tau Ceti Memory
  3. Manifold : Sixth
  4. Resonance : Power
  5. Resonant Node
  6. Hymn : Modulation
  7. Adapt to Live
  8. M’dar Holding
  9. Tower Preserve
  10. Phantom Forces
  11. Balance of Nature
  12. Star Harmony
  13. Energy Nexus
  14. Vinculum
  15. Melody of Souls
  16. Greater Harmonic
  17. Worlds : Within Worlds
  18. Home : Hearth
  19. Vision : Sound
  20. Great Intertwining
  21. Caretaker Reverence
  22. Thought : Seed
  23. Consonance
  24. Overtone Song
  25. Conservator’s Mantle
  26. Harmonic Acolyte


  1. Carapace Point
  2. Wavesound
  3. Bird : Cry
  4. Ripplesound
  5. Sea : Wind
  6. Echo Bay
  7. Nest : Water
  8. Island Shallows


  • The leader of the Manifold Caretakers is voiced by Jeff Gordon, who also voices the leader of the Manifold Usurpers.

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