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The Marketplace increases tax revenue allocated to the treasury by 50%. It also increases the number of happy faces produced by luxuries:

  • 1 luxury = 1 happy face
  • 2 luxuries = 2 happy faces
  • 3 luxuries = 4 happy faces
  • 4 luxuries = 6 happy faces
  • 5 luxuries = 9 happy faces
  • 6 luxuries = 12 happy faces
  • 7 luxuries = 16 happy faces
  • 8 luxuries = 20 happy faces

Civilopedia entry[]

As cities grew and prospered, trade between the farmers, artisans, and craftsmen who lived in the vicinity contributed to the economic health of the city. It soon became apparent that the best way for conducting trade within the city was to have a central location, or marketplace, where the people offering goods and services, or seeking them, could meet and conduct business. As a city's marketplace grew larger and more active, the economic vitality of the city grew as well.

Civilization III Buildings

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