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Marshes are a terrain feature in Civilization VI. Marshes are found on flat Grassland tiles.


Unlike in Civilization V, Marshes are more useful for a city. They now provide +1 Civ6Food.png Food (instead of subtracting it), making them helpful for promoting Citizen6.png Population growth. They receive +1 Civ6Production.png Production from the Lady of Reeds and Marshes pantheon, and there are some interesting resources, such as Sugar (Civ6).png Sugar, that are often found on Marsh tiles. They can also be used to construct Mont St. Michel, a useful wonder for players seeking a Religious or Cultural Victory.

Marshes can be incredibly useful for defensive purposes! Placing an army in a defensive position on the opposite side of a Marsh from an advancing enemy force will trap their melee units and allow your ranged units to pelt them from afar, inflicting more damage than usual (thanks to the defensive penalty of the Marsh).

They are not without drawbacks, however. Marshes still impose movement and combat penalties on units. In addition, like Rainforests, they will decrease the Appeal of nearby tiles.

Clearing a Marsh

Marshes are of limited use until Irrigation has been researched. Once that has occurred Builders can Harvest a Marsh to provide a lump sum of Civ6Food.png Food to the city owning its tile. The tile becomes Grassland and may thereafter support District (Civ6).png Districts and wonders.

Civilopedia entry

Covered with herbaceous rather than woody plants, these freshwater wetlands are generally found along slow-flowing rivers or on the banks of lakes. Home to an incredible variety of valuable things, plant and animal, in some civilizations, towns in marshes and swamps grew into great cities: St. Petersburg, New Orleans, and the Brazilian ones in the Pantanal.

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