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Martyr is a Promotion (Civ6) promotion for the Apostle in Civilization VI.

Apostles purchased by a civilization that has built Mont St. Michel will always receive the Martyr promotion. A Missionary will also receive this promotion if purchased in a city with a Prasat.


Creates a Relic6 Relic if it dies in Theological Combat.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Every religion seems to have its (long) list of martyrs, those willing to suffer torture and death for their beliefs. Most of them – though not all – had profound effects on their faith, often engendering all sorts to follow their lead in dying for god or gods. Most of them – though not all – are considered “holy” only by those of their faith. After their death, all sorts of their belongings – sandals, nails, bones, cups, and other odd bits – are also considered holy. And all these relics get housed in temples, churches, and monasteries where the faithful can make pilgrimage to see them.

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