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Master Plan is the Level 3 title for the Owls of Minerva, a Secret Society exclusive to the Secret Societies game mode in Civilization VI. It is unlocked in the Atomic Era.


Whenever an offensive spy mission is successful, you also gain half of the Gold Gold, Faith Faith, Culture Culture, and Science Science that the targeted city earned that turn. Earn 3% of your Gold Gold treasury as Gold Gold per turn (up to 1000 Gold Gold per turn).

Civilopedia entry[]

In a chamber underground, its ceiling set with gilded stars, you sit across from figures in masks - owl masks, mantis masks, fox masks, others of creatures from distant shores. The glimmer of screens on the wall reveals multiple vantage points into the sleeping chamber of the lord of a distant city-state. The servant shown on the screen (you know that she wears a beetle mask when she is among the Owls) takes a small vial from her sleeve, awaiting your order.

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