Mayan cities are cities that can be founded by the Mayan civilization in Civilization IV and its expansions. The first city founded is the capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Mutal (Tikal) Principal classical city in central lowlands (Peten)
2 Lakamha (Palenque) Key classical site in central lowlands, capital of Pacal (Mexico)
3 Chichen Itza Key classical Yucatán city, post-classic capital of Toltec-Mayans (Yucatán)
4 Uxmal With Chichen Itza, the principal (post-)classical city of Yucatán (Yucatán)
5 Mayapan Newly built post-classical pan-Mayan capital after Toltec revolt (Yucatán)
6 Calakmul Large, powerful classical city and "superpower", capital of Kaan (Mexico)
7 Oxhuitza (Caracol) Powerful and extremely large classical city (Belize)
8 Xukpi (Copan) Large, powerful and southern-most city and kingdom (Honduras)
9 Quirigua Important southern highlands classical city, conquered Copan (Guatemala)
10 Izancanac (Yaxchilan) Large important classical city (Peten)
11 Yokib (Piedras Negras) Important classical city (Peten)
12 Altun Ha Important (pre-)classical trade city with the Caribbean (Belize)
13 Izamal Very important religious centre from pre-classical to modern times (Yucatán)
14 Zama* (Tulum) Important post-classical coastal city (Yucatán)
15 Coba Important city throughout Mayan history (pre- to post-classic) (Yucatán)
16 Dzibilchaltun Very old but major post-classical city (Yucatán)
17 Cozumel Large, important island-based trading centre and religious site (Yucatán)
18 Edzna Important post-classical city with pre-classic roots (Yucatán)
19 Oxkintok Important pre-classical labyrinth-like city (Yucatán)
20 Becan Large important pre-classical city (Mexico)
21 Nakbe Principal pre-classical Mayan city (Peten)
22 Cival Recently discovered large, important pre-classical city (Peten)
23 Lamanain (Lamanai) Major pre-classical city, important up to colonial times (Belize)
24 Kaminaljuyu Principal (pre-)classical Mayan southern highland site (Guatemala)
25 Takalik Abaj Important pre-classical Mayan southern highland site (Guatemala)
26 Holmul Important classical economic centre (Peten)
27 Waka (El Peru) Recently found as important economic classical city (Peten)
28 Lubaantun Major classical site with unusual architecture (Belize)
29 Siaan Kaan (Uaxactun, pron. Washington) Old classical city of some importance (Peten)
30 Bonampak Well-preserved classical site of some importance (Mexico)
31 Tonina Important late-classical city (Mexico)
32 Tazumal Important (pre-)classical Mayan city in southern highlands (El Salvador)
33 Comalcalco Westernmost, important classical Mayan city (Mexico)
34 Nim Li Punit Important classical city (Belize)
35 Ekbalam Important late-classical city (Yucatán)
36 Sayil Important post-classical city (Yucatán)
37 Kabah Somewhat important post-classical city (Yucatán)
38 Labna Somewhat important post-classical city (Yucatán)
39 Wak Kabnal (Naranjo) Capital of the somewhat important kingdom of Saal (Peten)
40 Xunantunich Somewhat important classical religious city (Belize)
41 Izapa Major pre-classical city, unclear if it was Mayan, Olmec or other (Mexico)
42 Noj Peten Post-classical capital of the central lowlands, at modern Flores (Peten)
43 Utatlan (Gumarcaj) Capital of important highland post-classical kingdom (Guatemala)
44 Mani Ancient site, capital of Xiu, dominant Maya power after Mayapan (Yucatán)
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