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Mechanized Labor is a technology in the Final Frontier mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Mechanized Labor allows the construction of the more powerful one-shot Anti-Ship Missile Unit and the Mining Facility Building, which increases Production on the Planet it's built. Accompanying these developments is the Mechanized Workforce Policy, which increases global Hammer (Civ4) but also Anger (Civ4).

Civilopedia entry[]

Many of the rapid-fire discoveries brought about by the first Technocracies remained in use long after their development, but few can match the grandeur of the "Guild" Mechanized Workforce. The most important leap forward in robotics in many centuries, the Mechanized Workforce, with its general purpose "Novice" bots and specialized "Master" machines, were the first examples of semi-creative machinery using highly advanced AI routines. The class Anti-Ship Missile was actually conceived, designed and manufactured by "Sophocles," the world's third mechanical Master craftsbot. These "Guild" Workforces excelled at even more mundane of tasks, and all contemporary Mining Facilities owe their success to the mechanical manpower of the indefatigable systems.