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Medieval Era (Civ5)
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The Medieval Era is an era that is based on the Middle Ages of Europe. It is the third era in the game.


"An emperor is subject to no one but God and Justice."
– Frederick I, Barbarossa

"This life of man appears for a short space, but of what went before, or what is to follow, we are utterly ignorant."
– Venerable Bede

"The voice of the people is the voice of God."
– Alcuin

Game Info[]

In the Medieval Era you will continue expanding your empire, attempting to secure more resources, more City-State allies, and convert more cities to your Religion. You will keep establishing trade routes, you will secure your first treaties with other nations, and lay the groundwork for your cultural expansion by creating your first Great Works.

Advances in metalworking will allow you to upgrade your units to their next-era, much more powerful versions. The new weapons present an increased threat to all cities, so beware!

Finally, the Education technology will provide a host of new options for research and technological development - a necessary boost to push your empire into the future.




Other Properties[]

The Patronage and Commerce social policy trees are unlocked. (In Civilization V: Brave New World, the Exploration tree is unlocked instead of Patronage.)

When starting a game in the Medieval Era, you receive two Settlers, one Worker, three Spearmen, 200 Culture Culture, and 25 Gold Gold. Venice gets a Merchant of Venice instead of the extra Settler.

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