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The Medieval Era is the third era in Civilization VI. It is preceded by the Classical Era and followed by the Renaissance Era.


You have built great cities of stone and seen early empires rise and fall. Soon you will stand under the towering pinnacles of castles alongside your gallant knights. That is where the story of your people will be written. Just as the young apprentice learns to carry a sword, so shall you grow to understand your place in this world.

Game InfoEdit

This is the era when things start getting serious: you've established your empire, you've found your religion (or not), but the land is getting scarce. Since everyone has been expanding in the first two eras, your landmass should be more or less taken already and divided between the different civilizations on it. If anyone wants to expand further at this point, it will have to be through war! Or, you could always rush Cartography at this point and start exploring and settling on nearby islands or continents. If your civilization isn't landlocked, that is.

The end of the Era brings about the first Tier II government - Monarchy, with its setup which offers both military and diplomatic might! Use it as stepping stone to start expanding your empire; and if you're not a particularly aggressive player, you can always change it later.

Religiously-oriented players should start earnestly spreading their religion in this Era. It is of course too early to progress towards a Culture or Science victory, but players aiming at those should prepare their groundwork and build multiple Theater Squares or Campuses.

When starting a game in the Medieval Era, players receive two Settlers, one Scout, one Archer, 20 Civ6Faith Faith, 210 Civ6Gold Gold, and 3 Envoy6 Envoys. All cities founded after the Capital6 Capital have 2 Citizen6 Population and a Monument, and players receive a Builder in each city founded by one of their starting Settlers (and a Trader in the first one).


Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Military Tactics (Civ6) Military Tactics Mathematics Kill a unit with a Spearman Pikeman, Samurai (Japan only), Berserker (Norway only), Khevsur (Georgia only), Impi (Zulu only), Huey Teocalli
Apprenticeship (Civ6) Apprenticeship Currency

Horseback Riding

Build 3 Mines Industrial Zone, Hansa (Germany only), Workshop

+1 Civ6Production Production to all Mine improvements

Stirrups (Civ6) Stirrups Horseback Riding Have the Feudalism civic Knight, Mamluk (Arabia only), Mandekalu Cavalry (Mali only), Keshig (Mongolia only)
Machinery (Civ6) Machinery Iron Working


Own 3 Archers Crossbowman, Crouching Tiger (China only), Skirmisher, Warak'aq (Inca only), Lumber Mill, Kilwa Kisiwani
Education (Civ6) Education Apprenticeship


Earn a Great Scientist University, University of Sankore, Hagia Sophia (Vanilla and R&F-Only)
Military Engineering (Civ6) Military Engineering Construction Build an Aqueduct Military Engineer, Domrey (Khmer only), Armory
Castles (Civ6) Castles Construction Have a government with 6 policy slots Courser, Black Army (Matthias Corvinus only), Medieval Walls, Alhambra

Receive a free Spy as Catherine de Medici

Extra Civ6Culture Culture for the Great Wall improvement.

Buttress (Civ6) Buttress GS-Only Shipbuilding


Build a Classical Era or later Wonder Dam, Hagia Sophia


Civic Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Naval Tradition (Civ6) Naval Tradition Defensive Tactics Kill a unit with a Quadrireme Naval Infrastructure, Navigation

1 Envoy6 Envoy

Feudalism (Civ6) Feudalism Defensive Tactics Build 6 Farms Feudal Contract, Serfdom

Farm improvements now gain +1 Civ6Food Food for each adjacent Farm improvement when 3 Farm improvements are adjacent to each other.

Civil Service (Civ6) Civil Service Defensive Tactics

Recorded History

Grow a city to 10 population Meritocracy, Retainers, Civil Prestige, Meenakshi Temple

Allows Alliance.

Mercenaries (Civ6) Mercenaries Feudalism

Military Training

Have 8 land combat units in your military Winged Hussar (Poland only), Jong (Indonesia only), Professional Army, Sack, Retinues, Trade Confederation
Medieval Faires (Civ6) Medieval Faires Feudalism Maintain 4 Trade Routes Barbary Corsair (Ottoman only), Angkor Wat, Aesthetics, Medina Quarter, Merchant Confederation.
Guilds (Civ6) Guilds Feudalism, Civil Service Build 2 Markets Chichen Itza, Mbanza, Outback Station (Australia only), Polder (Netherlands only)
Divine Right (Civ6) Divine Right Civil Service


Build 2 Temples Mont St. Michel, Kotoku-in, Chivalry, Gothic Architecture, Monarchy

Districts and BuildingsEdit

* May not be available until the following era, depending on which Tier 2 government players choose.


Lumber Mill (Civ6) Lumber Mill

Château (Civ6) Château

Outback Station (Civ6) Outback Station

Polder (Civ6) Polder R&F-Only



R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
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