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The Mekewap is a unique tile improvement of the Cree civilization in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It must be built adjacent to a Bonus or Luxury Resource and cannot be adjacent to another Mekewap.


The Mekewap provides a variety of bonuses that help the Cree grow large, productive, and prosperous cities. With Civil Service, a Mekewap built adjacent to two bonus resources is strictly better than a Granary, and adjacent luxury resources will provide a great bonus to Civ6Gold Gold. Cree players should seek out resource-rich areas in which to settle and put their Builders to work right away.

In Gathering Storm, the Mekewap receives an undocumented change, restricting it from being built on all three types of Floodplains.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Made from birch bark, the mekewap was a long-term shelter for the Cree intended to lodge many people. The Cree carefully laid out the wood into a dome shape, then wrapped wooden strips around the shelter. They then wove the strips together for warmth, further securing it from the elements. This careful construction prevented rain from permeating the shelter.

The mekewap were not portable, but thankfully, they were relatively easy and quick to build.


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