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The Mekewap is a unique tile improvement of the Cree civilization in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It must be built adjacent to a Bonus or Luxury Resource.


The Mekewap is a solid tile improvement, as it provides extra Housing Housing, Food Food, Production Production, and Gold Gold from the very beginning of the game yet still scales incredibly well into mid- and late game. As the Cree, it is vital that Pottery is the first technology they research, since it unlocks a free Trade Route Trade Route and a Trader, altogether with this improvement. Afterwards, there are two main checkpoints that the Cree should aim for quickly, Civil Service and Cartography. With Civil Service, a Mekewap provides as much Housing Housing as a Sewer, and with Cartography, each Mekewap also provides Gold Gold for each adjacent Luxury Resource (both of these will also synergize incredibly well with Poundmaker's ability and the Cree's tendency towards exploration in general, so you would want them unlocked as quickly as possible anyway). Specifically, a Mekewap will provide 3 Gold Gold if adjacent to 1 Luxury Resource, 5 Gold Gold if adjacent to 2, 7 Gold Gold if adjacent to 3, etc. Overall, since most of the Cree bonuses wane quickly in mid- and late game, the Mekewap stands out as an exception. This is the vessel of victory of the Cree, albeit not very obvious. High Citizen Population allows them to pursue a Scientific Victory while high Gold Gold output makes a Diplomatic Victory possible. Cree players should seek out resource-rich areas in which to settle and put their Builders to work right away.

Civilopedia entry[]

Made from birch bark, the mekewap was a long-term shelter for the Cree intended to lodge many people. The Cree carefully laid out the wood into a dome shape, then wrapped wooden strips around the shelter. They then wove the strips together for warmth, further securing it from the elements. This careful construction prevented rain from permeating the shelter.

The mekewap were not portable, but thankfully, they were relatively easy and quick to build.


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