• My occupation is Joe was a Fandom staff member from 2007 to 2020. He's been playing video games since the days of the Odyssey² and Atari 2600. When he's not at his computer, he enjoys going to the pub with friends.
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  • Hi Joe! Thanks for the {{Improvement (Civ6)}} template. :) It turns out, however, that there's some syntax error there. The pages that are using it, such as Fishing Boats (Civ6) look quite terrible when they try to list the resources that can be improved. It just shows the wiki markup like this: {{#if:Crabs|{{#if:Whales|{{#if:Pearls|{{#if:|{{#if:|{{#if:|{{#if:|{{#if:|{{#if:|. I recommend you take a look at how Template:Building (Civ6) is doing the reqinfrastructure (Required infrastructure) parameter. It uses the {{ExplodeForeach}} template to create a nice looking list with minimal effort from both the end user and the template creator. :)

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    • When I created the tile improvement infobox, I had copied the code from an existing one (I forget which one). I noticed that problem and was planning on getting around to figuring out a solution. After looking at ExplodeForeach and seeing how it works, I tested it on a mockup infobox, and it works well, so I updated Template:Improvement (Civ6). Thanks for the heads up!

      Now to get all those missing resource pages created. :)

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