Ryan sinbela

aka ryan sinbela

  • I live in Ft Lauderale FL USA
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is student
  • I am Male
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  • I see you also like Civilization as well!

    I have been playing Civ V since 2016, and recently got Civ VI last month when it was free on epic games.  It has been a favourite game series of mine for a very long time

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    • I haven't played Civ for a long time as my computer has the inability to run it. I am waiting to see who are the two new voice actors for LSS and Bolivar

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    • That's Sad Yeah, I think the voice actor for Bolivar does a great job (as someone who knows Spanish very well).  He sounds very Colombian

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  • The Maori Symbol is the Kora

    The Capital is Te Hokianga-Nui-a-kupe

    Other cities are



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  • Okay, I'm curious: where did you find this information?

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  • (Ancient)

    Gilgamesh 2500 BC if he lived


    Tomyris 600 BC

    Cyrus the Great 598 BC

    Gorgo 506 BC

    Pericles 495 BC

    Alexander the Great 356 BC

    Chandragupta Maurya 340 BC

    Qin Shi Huang 251 BC

    Cleopatra 69 BC

    Amanitore (Unknown but started reign in 1 BC)

    Trajan 53 AD


    Queen Seondeok 595

    Harald Hardrada 1015

    Frederick Barbarossa 1122

    Jayavarman VII 1125

    Saladin 1137

    Tamar the Great 1160

    Genghis Khan 1162

    Hojo Tokimune 1251

    Robert the Bruce 1274

    Dyah Gitarja before 1309

    Jadwiga 1373


    Montezuma I 1398

    Mvemba a Nzinga 1456

    Catherine de Medici 1519

    Philip II 1527

    Lautaro 1534


    Peter the Great 1672

    Shaka Zulu 1787

    Queen Victoria 1819

    Pedro II 1825

    Poundmaker 1842


    Teddy Roosevelt 1858

    Mahatma Gandhi 1869

    Queen Wilhelmina 1880

    John Curtin 1885

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  • America:Apple Pie

    Arabia:Fruit, Rare snow, and horses


    Aztec Empire:Maize and Chocolate

    Brazil:Diplomatic Delegation

    China:spice, tea, and silk

    Cree Nation:Buffalo robes and pimihkan

    Netherlands:Wooden shoes, Cheese, Stroopwafel


    England:royal envoy

    France:Herbs olives cheeses baguettes


    Germany:Diplomatic Envoy

    Greece(Athens):not a Trojan Horse

    Greece(Sparta):Olive Oil black broth

    India(Republic):Teas sitars sarees

    India(Mauryan):spiced buttermilk

    Indonesia:Oncom Spore cakes

    Japan:Yosegi Zukuri

    Khmer Empire:a-Ping



    Macedon:wine and olives


    Mongolia:Surplus horses, Youth’s bow and airag

    Norway:rune stones

    Nubia:camel liver

    Persia:mirrored glass pottery


    Rome:Pecorino Romano


    Scotland:tweeds and haggis



    Sumeria:jewelry lyres of Ur


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    • This reply has been removed
    • Why caviar?) What about Blinis (Russian pancakes), Paskha (Easter Curds) or Borscht?)

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    • Those are the items that AI-controlled leaders offer when they send a delegation. I would guess the developers chose caviar because it's a food that most North Americans associate with Russia. It's also a fancy food, so it makes sense that one world leader would share it with another to convey a sense of luxury.

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  • I know you're trying to show support for the wiki and its admins by responding to vandals' posts or shaming them on their walls...but honestly, it isn't worth it. Giving the vandals attention just makes them feel powerful. The best way to handle them is to undo their vandalism and wait for an admin to ban them. Undo their damage and prevent them from doing any more - don't give them the attention they're looking for.

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    • OK I’m sorry I did not respond earlier my phone was acting weird

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  • The Meanings of all the Civ 6 Abilities And Agendas


    Founding Fathers (The group of people who founded America which include:John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

    Roosevelt Corollary (The Roosevelt Corollary was an addition to the Monroe Doctrine articulated by President Theodore Roosevelt in his State of the Union address in 1904 after the Venezuela Crisis of 1902–03.)

    Big Stick Policy (References Roosevelt’s foreign Policy “speak softly and carry a big stick”)


    The Last Prophet (It is a Religious term describing the last person God speaks to

    Righteousness of Faith (Righteousness from God or Christ)

    Ayyubid Dynasty (The Ayyubid dynasty was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Kurdish origin founded by Saladin and centred in Egypt. The dynasty ruled large parts of the Middle East during the 12th and 13th centuries.)


    Land Down Under (a colloquialism referring to Australia and an informal term for Oceania)

    Citadel of Civilization (References a Quote from John Curtin during the Pacific War "Men and women of Australia...we are at war with Japan. This is the gravest hour of our history. We Australians have imperishable traditions. We shall maintain them. We shall vindicate them. We shall hold this country and keep it as a citadel for the British-speaking race and as a place where civilisation will persist.")

    Perpetually on Guard (References Australian Foreign Policy during World War II)


    Legend of the five Suns (a creation myth About how there were four universes before ours that were destroyed and they needed constant sacrifices to save this universe)

    Gifts for the Tlatloani (Idk probably luxuries given to the king)

    Tlatloani (A Nahuatl term for a King)


    Amazon (Referring to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil)

    Magnanimous (a nickname for Pedro II meaning generous and forgiving)

    Patron of the arts (Pedro II was a Patron of arts and sciences)


    Dynastic Cycle (Dynastic cycle is an important political theory in Chinese history. According to this theory, everydynasty goes through a culture cycle. A new ruler unites China, founds a new dynasty, and gains the Mandate of Heaven.)

    The First Emperor (Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of unified China)

    Wall of 10000 Li (Wall of 10000 Li was a nickname for the Great Wall of China)


    Iteru (Iteru is the Ancient Egyptian word for the Nile)

    Mediterranean bride (Attributed to Cleopatra’s Beauty And theblocation of Egypt)

    Queen of the Nile (The Egypt is Located near the Nile and Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt)


    British Museum (The British Museum, located in the Bloomsbury area of London, United Kingdom, is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture)

    Pax Britannica (Pax Britannica was the period of relative peace between the Great Powers during which the British Empire became the global hegemonic power and adopted the role of a global police force.)

    The Sun Never Sets (Great Britain was nicknamed the empire on which the sun never sets)

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  • Here is my Wishlist

    Afghanistan (Mirwais Hotak)

    Akkad (Sargon)

    Anishinaabe (Pontiac)

    Apache (Geronimo)

    Argentina (Juan Peron)

    Armenia (Tiridates III)

    Assyria (Ashurbanipal)

    Austria (Maria Theresa)

    Babylon (Hammurabi)

    Beothuk (Nonosbawsut)

    Benin (Ewuare)

    Bhutan (Jigme Singye Wangchuck)

    Blackfoot (Crowfoot)

    Boers (Paul Kruger)

    Buccaneers (Henry Morgan)

    Burma (Anawrahta)

    Byzantium (Justinian)

    Calusa (Caalus)

    Canada (John Macdonald)

    Carthage (Hannibal)

    Celts (Boudicca)

    Champa (Che Bồng Nga)

    Cherokee (John Ross)

    Chinook (Comcoly)

    Chile (Bernardo O’Higgins)

    Chimu (Tacaynamo)

    Colombia (Simon Bolivar)

    Cree (Poundmaker)

    Cuba (Fidel Castro)

    Dene (Thanadelthur)

    Denmark (Harald Bluetooth)

    Netherlands (William)

    Ethiopia (Haile Selassie)

    Finland (Urho Kekkonen)

    Gaul (Vercingetorix)

    Georgia (Tamar)

    Goths (Alaric)

    Harappa (Went-Antu)

    Hittites (Mursili II)

    Huns (Atilla)

    Iceland (Ingolfur Arnarson)

    Inca (Pachacuti)

    Inuit (Ekeuhnick)

    Iroquois (Hiawatha)

    Israel (David Ben-Gurion)

    Kilwa (Ali ibn al-Hassan)

    Kimberley (Jandamarra)

    Korea (Sejong)

    Kulin (William Barak)

    Makuria (Merkurios)

    Malaysia (Parameswara)

    Mali (Mansa Musa)

    Maasai (Mbatian)

    Maurya (Samprati)

    Maya (Pacal)

    Mercia (Offa)

    Mexico (Benito Juarez)

    Mongolia (Genghis Khan)

    Morocco (Ahmad al-Mansur)

    Murri (Gambu Ganuurru)

    Nabataea (Aretas III)

    Nepal (Prithvi Narayan)

    New Zealand (Richard Seddon)

    Nigeria (Awolowo)

    Noongar (Yagan)

    Numidia (Massinissa)

    Olmec (Po Ngbe)

    Oman (Saif bin Sultan)

    Ottoman (Suleiman)

    Paraguay (Francisco Solano)

    Philippines (Jose Rizal)

    Phoenicia (Hiram)

    Polynesia (Kamehameha)

    Portugal (Joao II)

    Punjab (Ranjit Singh)

    Romania (Carol)

    Samoa (Salamasina)

    Shoshone (Cameahwait)

    Siam (Ramkhamhaeng)

    Sioux (Sitting Bull)

    Slav (Niklot)

    Songhai (Askia)

    South Africa (Nelson Mandela)

    Sri Lanka (Parakramabahu)

    Sweden (Gustavus Adolphus)

    Taino (Anacaona)

    Three affiliated tribes (Four bears)

    Tibet (Songtsan Gampo)

    Tlingit (Sheiyksh)

    Trinidad and Tobago (Eric Williams)

    Tuscany (Lorenzo de Medici)

    UAE (Sheikh Zayed)

    Venice (Enrico Dandolo)

    Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)

    Wabanaki (Henri Membertou)

    Wallachia (Vlad the Impaler)

    Zapotec (Cosijoeza)

    Zimbabwe (Nyatsimba Nutota)

    Zulu (Shaka)

    Alt Leaders

    Arabia (Harun al-Rashid)

    China (Wu Zetian)

    Egypt (Ramesses II)

    Germany (Bismarck)

    Indonesia (Gajah Mada)

    Persia (Darius)

    Russia (Catherine)

    This is for my poll tell me who you want in the comments or why you voted for (Civilization) here

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Civilization Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Civilizations!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Civilization Wiki!

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