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A Meteor Shower is a natural disaster in Civilization VI, introduced in the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. It is the only disaster that exclusively affects neutral territory.

  • Effects:
    • Pummels neutral territory, leaving behind a Meteor Site.
    • Meteor Site does not grant any extra yields, but the first civilization managing to collect the Meteor Site will receive a free heavy cavalry unit.
    • This heavy cavalry unit has no resource maintenance cost.

The heavy cavalry unit received will be the strongest heavy cavalry unit players are capable of training. Players will still receive a Heavy Chariot even if they have not researched Wheel.

Havoc caused by Meteor Showers is minimal. Even if the meteor falls on a unit standing in neutral territory, that unit takes no damage. However, if the meteor falls on a tile improvement that is placed in neutral territory and currently has no unit standing on it (Forts, Airstrips, Missile Silos, etc.), the improvement will be removed.

In-game disaster descriptions[]

Type Description
Meteor Shower Debris rains down from the sky. Go collect the remains to earn a powerful unit.


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