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Miasma is a hazardous terrain feature in Beyond Earth. It consists of small particles that are part of the alien atmosphere and under the right climactic conditions coalesce into the clouds we know and which cover entire tiles.

Miasma will initially cause 10 points of damage to all units that end their turn in it. Unfortunately, the strange vapor also has regenerative properties for aliens which, in the beginning, can pose a great threat to starter settlements. Also in the beginning, Trade routes cannot pass through Miasma at all. Considering the fact that Miasma sometimes covers large regions, this may turn into a great obstacle to development.

Once a civilization acquires certain Technologies or Affinity (especially Harmony Harmony) bonuses, however, Miasma starts to become more manageable, less dangerous and even useful. The Tier 1 technology Ecology (80) gives you the Miasmic Repulsor satellite which can clear entire regions of Miasma; while its leaf technology - Alien Biology (190), allows your Workers to clear Miasma and gives them immunity to it. The Tier 3 technology Alien Hybridization goes a step further and introduces a set of biochemical changes in the human body which not only allows it to tolerate Miasma, but also to get Healed by it (10 points/turn).

Finally, the Tier 2 technology Alien Ecology allows the creation of the substance, both by your Workers and by the Miasmic Condenser satellite.

Miasma is especially important to Harmony players, which acquire natural immunity to it simply by developing their affinity. They can later benefit greatly from using Miasma as a weapon against their enemies.

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