Miasmic Condenser
Miasmic Condenser (CivBE)
Orbital Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 3 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum
1 20xXenomassBE Xenomass
Alien Ecology (CivBE) Alien Ecology
Orbital Zone Radius 2
Sight Range 2
Orbital Lifespan 10

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Game infoEdit

  • Utility/military satellite. Requires Alien Ecology technology, 3 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum and 1 20xXenomassBE Xenomass.
  • Spreads Miasma to tiles in range.
  • Lifetime: 10 turns
  • Range: 2 tiles

Strategy Edit

The Miasmic Condenser is a product of advanced ecological scientific research. While it turned out to be relatively easy to disperse the alien substance known as 'miasma', it turns out that this process can be effectively reversed. This satellite achieves this, spreading Miasma to tiles around its position (again, starting from the central tile and continuing outwards).

This is very useful for Harmony-oriented players, who have learned to thrive in miasma, instead of being damaged by it. They can not only use the alien substance to boost their own combat strength, but also to directly damage enemy units! When preparing to attack an enemy position, launch a Miasmic condenser right above it to get the upper hand.

Civilopedia Entry

Once the colonies learned how to disperse Miasma through the use of satellites, it wasn’t long before they were able to create the strange, gaseous substance. While the Miasmic Condenser appears to be a redesigned Miasmic Repulsor, it actually has more in common with the Orbital Laser. The Condenser uses precision optics to channel solar energy onto the planet’s surface, thereby increasing the temperature to the exact degree which facilitates the creation of Miasma.

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