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MicroProse Software, Inc. (also known as MicroProse Simulation Software) was a North American video game developer, founded in 1982 by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey. It created Sid Meier's Civilization in 1991 and Sid Meier's Colonization in 1994. Other Civilization series games would later be produced by Firaxis. It is also known for its games like Pirates! and various flight simulators.

In January 2001, after French game publisher Infogrames Entertainment, SA (IESA) took over Hasbro Interactive, MicroProse ceased to exist.

The brand was revived in 2007 when Interactive Game Group acquired it from Atari Interactive, formerly Infogrames. The MicroProse brand was licensed to the Legacy Engineering Group for consumer electronics. As of 2010, the MicroProse brand is currently owned by Cybergun Group.

As of 2013, MicroProse is an executive producer of video games, partnering with development studios to create and exploit games for a variety of platforms. MicroProse is now increasing its focus on online and wireless platforms. As part of the Cybergun Group, leader in airsoft guns products, MicroProse has access to officially licensed weapons which makes its positioning unique in this market segment.

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