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Micromanufacturing is a technology in the Final Frontier mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Micromanufacturing allows the construction of the deadly one-shot Anti-Ship Missile and the ultimate Espionage-performing Stealth Ship Units.

Civilopedia entry[]

Nanotechnology, a centuries-old development, finally blossomed into the forefront of industry with the development of micromanufacturing. While the technology had shown promise in the past, its true potential was not realized because the catastrophes the Earth had endured shelved all past research. Although extremely costly due to the highly-specialized nature of their designs, micromanufacturing plants could effectively create an assembly line of molecules, allowing a level of precision never before possible. The construction of rare "TEC" molecules made a new generation of Stealth Ships more effective than ever, at a lower cost than thought possible. Micromanufacturing also allowed the rapid construction of the deadly class Anti-Ship Missile, each of which house an extremely advanced computer made entirely of nanobots.