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Military Aid Request is a Scored Competition in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, introduced in the June 2019 Update.

"We must help those targetted by unrestrained aggression."
– In-game flavor text

"<target> is the target of an unjustified war by a power against whom they have many Grievances. Our assistance will help restore peace."
– In-game description

"<target> is targetted by an aggressive enemy. We should fund their defense."
– In-game summary

Initiation Conditions[]

A civilization declares war on a target who has at least 200 Grievances Grievances against them; the necessary proposal passes in the World Congress.

Scoring Criteria[]

  • 1 point for each Gold Gold given to the target.
  • 50 points for each completed Send Aid city project.


Civilizations that finish with the highest score will receive both Gold Tier and Silver Tier prizes.

Civilization VI Competitions GS-Only.png [edit]

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1 Apocalypse mode only

GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.