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Military Organization is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

Military Organization renders Strategos obsolete, providing twice as many General6 Great General points to help you attract military leaders even faster.

Civilopedia entry Edit

A highly-rigid, hierarchical military organization first came into widespread use with the Roman Army. Until the so-called Age of Reason however, throughout the Middle and Renaissance periods, most military organizations were rather ad hoc affairs. The rise of mostly professional, national armies changed that. And professional armies needed professional officers, not just those appointed to command due to connections or wealth. The first national academies opened to fill the military hierarchy – the oldest the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich in 1720 AD – offering training for aspiring officers. An established military organization provided opportunities for the gifted graduates to rise rapidly through the ranks … and have the chance to be brilliant. Occasionally, that even happened.

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