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Mind Flower
Mind Flower (CivBE).png
Project in Beyond Earth
Cost 1900 Production
Requires 13 Harmony Harmony
No technology
Purpose Planetary Wonder. Used to awaken the planet, completing the Transcendence Victory.

In Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, the Mind Flower wonder is used to achieve Transcendence Victory.

To build the Mind Flower, two prerequisites must be met. First, the faction needs 15 points in its Harmony affinity (or 13 without DLC). Second, the faction must have acquired three technologies: Transgenics, Swarm Intelligence, and Nanorobotics. Meeting these criteria makes the Mind Flower wonder becomes available for building, though it still must consume 4 Xenomass resources to be built.

When it is built, the Mind Flower is constructed on a tile within range of the selected city, similar in this regard to the three other wonders that can directly cause victory. Any prior improvement (except roads and magrails) on the selected tile is removed. City Connections from roads or magrails which go through that tile are maintained, but units cannot pass through the tile itself. The tile may still be worked by the city for the base unimproved value for that type of tile.

Upon completion of the Mind Flower wonder, a turn countdown is initiated and can be tracked in the Victory tab. When the countdown reaches zero, the one who built the Mind Flower wins the "Transcendence Victory". After the Mind Flower is built, possession of Mind Stem and Xeno Sanctuary buildings may accelerate the turn countdown.

The tile containing the Mind Flower can be attacked and destroyed by enemy units. If it is destroyed, the Mind Flower must be reconstructed to continue with Transcendence Victory.

  • David McDonough: " build this giant bio-mechanical brain machine and talk to the planet and achieve a new level of consciousness."
  • Will Miller: "It's the worst jello mold you've ever seen."


Life will recognize life. It was easy for humanity to point to other creatures and recognize their existence. Humans were willing to anthropomorphize things that are not even alive, so eager were they to find life and celebrate it. Earth was a dying world, but the colonists made planetfall on a world that overflowed with life, strange and hostile as it may have been. In this life they began to recognize not just the mark of existence, but the hidden mark of intention and genius.

Meta-analysis of alien ecosystem behavior and behavioral paleontology projects were able to identify that the planet itself had a holistic organization that could produce intelligence. Human sciences eventually led to the creation of models that allowed an understanding of how this intelligence might function. At that point, to contact this intelligence, it was necessary to have life recognize life, through life that could think in the same scope and scale as a planet-wide megaorganism. To this end, the Mind Flower was created.

It was a strange flower indeed, and did not resemble the fruiting flowers of either world. It was instead a great Lotaxl tank (no other artificial ontological system would work on that scale), within which was the greatest mass of neural tissue ever created, dense with neurons, whose dendritic connections would have outnumbered the stars of the universe, because only life can create itself on the scale needed for such projects. Connected and embedded through this tissue were the cybernetics needed to interpret the thoughts, to scope them to something as limited as human understanding. Then the Mind Flower was exposed, slowly, to the strange architecture of the planet, shaping itself to match its rhythms and tides. Once it had mapped these, it took the intervention of human consciousness to blend the two.

Thus was the planet awakened to the presence of man, and humanity brought within the sea of understanding that this planet represented. The concepts of "I" and "Thou" and "We" no longer make sense, because it is all part of the same thought, the same dream, the same aspiration. We have fulfilled the promise that might have come to us on Earth, had it been able to sustain life in this way. The Mind Flower has blossomed, and the fruit it yielded is a planet which understands, and sees, and thinks, and reaches out, and recognizes things that the tiny "individuals" that dwelled on its surface might never have seen. Only in unification can the necessary perspective be gained. Only in the whole lives truth.


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