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Mind Stem
Mind Stem (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 600 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Alien Ethics
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes Adds one point per turn to Transcendence Victory progress.


The Mind Flower's slow process of shaping itself to the latent consciousness of the planet was a slow process, and would have taken centuries if not for the contributions of the Mind Stems. These facilities were echoes of the Mind Flower - collections of Lotaxl-grown neurons, permitted to self-differentiate in exposure to the planet. Although a mere fraction of the size of the Mind Flower, they were still extremely impressive collections of synthetically-grown brain tissue. Weighing something on the order of the extinct baleen cetaceans of old Earth, the dendritic density of each Mind Stem was almost as great as the human frontal cortex, meaning that each Mind Stem had more interconnections than there are stars in the galaxy. Each Mind Stem was a unique creation, extraordinary and delicate in equal measure. A single one consumed the same number of nutrient-calories in a day as thousands of humans, and the cybernetic links back to the Mind Flower strained the capacity of their load-balancing AI. But taken together, the Mind Stems formed a sort of peripheral nervous system to the massive bloom slowly opening at the heart of the Mind Flower.